Popular popcorn stand dates back to 1922

April 1, 2015
There’s a popcorn stand on the corner of 7th Avenue and Prentice Street in Granite Falls that opened its doors in 1922 and is still operating today. And it’s just as popular as it was when that first bag of ...

Twins fan like no other

April 1, 2015
It matters not to Angeline (Angie) Lee of Clarkfield, that the Minnesota Twins have trained in Florida since their days as the Washington Senators in 1936 to the present training season, with the exception of the war years of 1943-1945. ...

Working to keep seniors ‘strong, flexible and fit’

April 1, 2015
Sally Green is no pushover. The senior citizen can do pushups and a lot more as a certified coach and personal trainer, and as a physical education teacher. The 66-year-old from Rockville is an instructor at Whitney Senior Center in ...

A first hand look at foster parenting, from both sides

April 1, 2015
Terry Frilstad had children of her own before she ever decided to become a foster parent. Parenthood can be challenging at any level, but Terry loved being a mom.  Things were going fine – until one of her boys began ...

Passion for woodworking strong at 94

April 1, 2015
At age 94, Bill Scherer of Hutchinson has 75 years experience doing furniture repair, refinishing, antique restoration and caning. He loves doing woodworking in his insulated garage with his son, Scott. Scherer started woodworking when he was 15 years old ...

Community comes together, opens library

April 1, 2015
It all started in 2006, according to Terry Mooney.  That was when Terry’s mother-in-law, Helen Mooney, decided to talk with the editor of The Maple Lake Messenger, Theresa Andrus, to suggest that a community library be started.  According to Terry, ...

Planting more seeds

April 1, 2015
Staples man continues to help, mentor in agriculture Mel Wiens of Staples has a passion for agriculture he shares with others to achieve their farming dreams. Wiens, who mentors others on gardening and farming practices, is among several producers working ...

Coming full circle

April 1, 2015
Sue Stine, of rural Browerville, just might have a record in the number of years she has been a volunteer. From Indianapolis, to far off Kenya, to rural Minnesota, Sue has always volunteered. Sue was only 5 years old when ...

Incredible eggs

April 1, 2015
The art of the Ukrainian egg or “pysanka” dates back to ancient times. Raw eggs are decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist (batik) method.  The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, “to write,” as the designs ...

Competitive spirit runs in the family

April 1, 2015
When Rachael, Rebecca and Saul Ellering were students in Melrose, they had no pets in the usual sense. But they had plenty of dogs–big, muscular huskies. They named them, played with them, gentled them, helped to train them, and rode ...

Volunteerism has no age limit

March 1, 2015
Wheaton woman continues to stay as active as ever in her community at age 91 There’s nothing retiring about Doris L. Rixe’s retirement years. The 91-year-old Wheaton woman is an active volunteer in her community and church with no plans ...

Marshall artist discovered talents as teenager in Iran

March 1, 2015
Abstract transitionalist, Sima Amid Wewetzer, of Marshall, received her first art award at the tender age of 13 while she was living in her home country’s capital city, Tehran, Iran. It all began with a school project when she painted ...