A Blonde’s Perspective: Never-ending goal to lose weight

November 1, 2015
Have you ever weighed your clothes before you put them on in the morning? Yes, I, the blonde, admits to it. The holiday season will soon be here. My never-ending goal to lose weight will be tarnished once again. Women, ...

Boomer’s Journal: Green bean casserole

November 1, 2015
The infamous green bean casserole donned our Thanksgiving table in the mid-’60s. My mother, who loved her Better Homes and Gardens magazine, had found a picture of the recipe for the casserole dish alongside the full-page advertisement of Campbell’s cream ...
Photo of my mother hanging the laundry out, many years ago. Photo by Rachel Barduson

Boomer’s Journal: Hung out to dry

October 1, 2015
There is nothing better than listening to laundry on the clothesline as bed sheets flap in the October wind. That’s right, I love to hang the laundry out to dry on my clothesline. For whatever reason, this simple chore calms ...

Country Gardens: Corn, a sweet end-of-summer treat

August 31, 2015
Sweet corn is one of the favorites of summertime. Here are some fun facts about sweet corn and some tips to grow it. There are three types of sweet corn. They are normal sugary (su), sugary enhanced (se) and supersweet ...

My Perspective: School time stories sought

August 31, 2015
It is back-to-school time. Most kids in the state are preparing for the new school year, and a handful of school districts have already started. For our family, this school year has a special meaning. Our youngest, Easton, is starting ...

A Blonde’s Perspective: Is it a normal part of aging, or early onset?

August 31, 2015
Do you ever think you may have early signs of dementia? In this edition of the Senior Perspective, I wrote a story regarding the Brainerd Lakes Area Walk to End Alzheimer’s to be held in Brainerd on Sept. 26. I ...
Rows of honey on display at the MN State Fair.

Time Passages: The Great Minnesota Get-Together

August 31, 2015
Rows of honey on display at the MN State Fair.
Unless you are a newcomer to Minnesota, odds are that practically everyone who lives in this state has at one time or another had the chance to visit the state ...
A clever way of re-purposing an old mattress box-spring, used in the gardens of Caroline Petefish of Alexandria.

Boomer’s Journal: The ultimate recycler

August 2, 2015
A clever way of re-purposing an old mattress box-spring, used in the gardens of Caroline Petefish of Alexandria.
My mother recycled “tin foil” and bread bags like there was no tomorrow. I continue that recycling trait with pride. I just ...

Country Gardens: The art of tomato pruning

August 2, 2015
When growing tomatoes you may notice side shoots, otherwise called “suckers,” that form on the main stems and leaf stems. You may have heard that you should pinch those off, and many have told us this is the way to ...

In Your Garden: Bird watching

August 2, 2015
Petunia has been feeding birds for years. Her feeders are right outside her dining room window so she can watch birds as she eats.  The other morning, she was finishing her second cup of coffee while Bunkey was shaving. He ...

Country Gardens: Many Faces of Marigolds

June 29, 2015
Marigolds are available in three varieties: African, French and signet. From grand and flamboyant to diminutive, marigolds add an unparalleled burst of color to the sun garden and attract pollinators. Marigolds are often used to deter pests, such as rabbits ...

Featured Pet: Buchanan

June 29, 2015
Buchanan is a male, tabby kitten who arrived at the Brown County Humane Society with his siblings in June. He is still nursing with his mother and will be available in the middle of September. Check with Brown County Humane ...