Nancy Nicholson, from Dassel, calls this photo “Through the eyes of a child.” It shows her grandson, Oliver, who was 2 when the photo was taken, early last December. It has been a blessing to Nancy all year.

Photo Gallery: December Photos

December 1, 2016
“At the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the flowers are beautiful and the trees are turning colors. The pumpkins and squash are pretty neat too,” said Marlene Paal.

Photo Gallery: November Photos

October 31, 2016
When the orioles are away, the honey bees will play…in the grape jelly feeder. Photo by Al Batt, of Hartland.

Photo Gallery: October Photos

September 29, 2016
Larry Kiewel, of Belle Plaine, still appreciates a well-stacked wagon parked at the end of a field. Larry started his field work career driving the H Farmall. He graduated to stacking then back to driving when the next generation got big enough to stack a moving wagon. This field is just a short walk from Larry’s front door, and he keeps a close watch on it through the seasons.

Photo Gallery: September Photos

September 1, 2016
Karen Blom, of Alexandria, came across this young Amish farmer plowing with a team of six horses near Browerville.

Photo Gallery: August Photos

August 1, 2016
Terri Sanoski, of Cushing, caught her husband and son in action, splitting wood on a nice day.

Photo Gallery: June Photo Gallery

June 1, 2016
Laurie Determan, of Long Prairie, took this picture of her granddaughter honoring our fallen soliders at Eagles Healing Nest in Sauk Centre.

Photo Gallery: May Photos

May 1, 2016
Flight of the hummingbirds, taken near Upper Mission lake in Crow Wing county by Courtney Freihammer, of Rice.

Photo Gallery: April Photos

April 1, 2016
It has been cold enough for Alexis Meyer, of New London, to watch bubbles freeze this winter.

Photo Gallery: March Photos

March 1, 2016
Ice fishing from 2014 by Gail and Paul Kloos, of Donnelly.

Photo Gallery: February Photos

February 1, 2016
Jean Brulla, of Richmond, sent a picture of the reindeer rides from Dec. 5.

Photo Gallery: January Photos

December 29, 2015