Wally Kill, of Morris, could open his own gas station. He has it all at his farm place, from gas pumps to air hoses to oil containers and more. All he needs is the fuel. But it’s all part of his vintage gas station memorabilia collection which includes the roughly 50 gas pumps he’s restored.				   Photo by Carol Stender

Fill ‘er up!

February 1, 2017
Morris man’s collection fuels memories of America’s first filling stations Wally Kill, of Morris, seems to have all the makings to start his own gas station.
Wally Kill, of Morris, could open his own gas station. He has it all

A real iron man

June 1, 2015
Morris man’s iron collection has grown over 3,000     Flat, sad, box, slug, bone, whale oil, sleeve, fluter and goffering are just some of the styles of antique irons collected by Arnie Stein, of Morris, for over 20 years. Near the ...

Vet has kept WWII items, memories

August 29, 2013
Thousands of people flock to Little Falls each September to enjoy the Arts and Crafts Fair the weekend after Labor Day. Clem Deering, of Little Falls, had a hand in beginning the popular art fair, now in its 41st year. ...

Sauk Rapids rock hound

May 1, 2013
 Man has been collecting agates for 20 years    Lyndon Johnson’s love of rock-hunting began early in life when he learned about agates from his grandparents and parents. Johnson, who lives in Sauk Rapids, said collecting agates didn’t become a passion ...

Heads have been rolling… right into Marge’s collection

April 1, 2013
Most of us know a person whose hobby is to collect things, like sports cards, coins, insects, stamps, comic books or rocks. But how many of us know a person who has a collection of heads? About 40 years ago, ...

Go for a spin with the ‘windmill guy’

January 11, 2013
It all began in 1990 when Terry Rodman’s wife, Kris, asked him to build her a Dutch windmill to represent her Dutch heritage. As the project progressed the seed that it planted in Terry’s mind took root and began to ...

Button collection sewed to history

November 28, 2012
   Button collecting has been going on for generations. “But when people think of button collecting, they think of shirt buttons and they don’t realize what all goes into it,” explained Bev Bownik, of St. Cloud, a button collector for the ...