When people think of the Senior Perspective, one thing that likely comes to  mind is usually our articles. We have had a wide variety of stories. Some are historical. Some are heart warming. Some are informative. And some are just really interesting.  But the stories I want to highlight today are the stories that make a true impact on our readers.

After most of the articles we print, the reader probably comes away with a reaction like, “that was interesting” or “that person really had an interesting life” or something like that. But now and then, there are articles in our paper that truly make an impact on our reader’s life.

About a year or so ago, one of our columnists wrote about how he has dealt with anxiety and depression after transitioning into retirement. A few years ago, we featured a man who fought his way back from rock bottom due to drug and alcohol use and is now giving back to the people who helped him. I also remember a submission from a reader in recent years about how he dealt with the struggles of being a caregiver and then bigger struggles of grieving once the person he had cared for passed away.

These stories, and ones like it over the years, have made a profound connection with some of our readers. And in some cases, the impact on the reader has been life changing. I know this because I have received personal notes and phone calls from readers saying as such.

One interesting part of the equation…  the person who decided to share their story also felt a positive impact. In nearly every situation, opening up and telling their story turned out to be powerful part of the healing process. There was sort of a freedom and relief involved in telling their stories in a public forum like Senior Perspective.

Do you have a personal story too you might be willing to share with our readers? Do you think your story may be able to help someone else through a difficult time? Maybe it involves depression or weight gain/loss or dealing with a medical condition or beating cancer or coping with abuse or poverty or suicidal thoughts.  Or maybe your story is just about the struggles of aging or loneliness.

If you have a story that you are willing to tell that you think might be able to help others, please consider Senior Perspective. We will take great care in making sure we print the article in a form that you are comfortable with. We know these can be difficult stories to tell because of the personal nature.

Some people don’t like to write. That should not be an obstacle. We can interview you and write it for you. Or you can tell your story on a recorder and we take it from there. Or maybe you don’t mind writing but aren’t good with spelling/grammar. That also is not a problem. We can clean it up for you and let you read it before it prints.

For many people, telling personal stories is not in their comfort zone. I understand that. I write for a living and there are things I do not feel comfortable writing about. But I want to make sure that our readers know that if they have something that they would like to share, this is a safe space for them.

Of course, some stories may not be appropriate for Senior Perspective. We do not run everything we receive. But if your story fits within our editorial guidelines, it is appropriate, and it could help others out, it will certainly be considered for print.

Making a difference in someone’s life is pretty cool thing. A few of my columns have fit into that category and it is a great feeling to know that you are making a difference. I have also helped several others tell their stories and made an impact that way, which is also a great feeling. If you have a story to share, just call, email or write me. My contact info is on Page 5.


Cookbooks are now on sale at many locations across the state of Minnesota and a few locations in North Dakota.

Most businesses are reporting good sales and some are placing re-orders to restock the books. Others will start running out in the coming weeks.

The books have a suggested retail price of just $4, so they make a great gift. We have also included $25 in Senior Perspective coupons in this year’s book, so if you use even one of those coupons, you have more than paid for the book (each coupon has at least a $5 value).

To find a list of all the locations that area currently carrying the books, go to Page 19A.

If you have more than a short drive to that location, I would recommend calling first to make sure they still have books available. If you are having trouble finding a book, please call our office. We can help.

Here at the office, we are having our annual cookbook potluck in early December. This year, we put all the categories in a hat and each picked one out. I picked the category, “meat/fish.” It is a fun way to enjoy a meal together and celebrating the latest cookbook.