Today’s Wisdom: “Most of our unhappiness and emotional struggles are caused by the lies we tell ourselves… until we identify our lies and replace them with the truth, emotional well-being is impossible.” -Chris Thurman

Many years ago, when our youngest daughter was about 10, we were at a lake with some friends. Several of our group had been water skiing. My daughter thought that looked fun so she asked to try it. We were a little hesitant, knowing she was not the most athletic person in the world, but consented anyway. What could go wrong?

We got her all lined up in shallow water near the shore, rope tight, skies up, and daughter primed and ready. The boat took off, she popped up out of the water, then straight forward back into the water face first. Those of us standing on the dock expected her to pop back up right there in the three feet of water she had belly flopped into. But wait! Where was she?

Finally, way out past the end of the dock, up pops a flailing pile of arms, legs and tears. Seems it had not occurred to her to open her hands and let go of the rope when she fell. She had been scraping along through the weeds at the bottom, hanging on for dear life, until the boat stopped.  That was the last time she ever tried water skiing.

One of the things I have learned is that, like my daughter, we all have a tendency to follow a course that is lacking truth. Her issue was pretty minor and easily resolved. We adults tend to encounter bigger issues.

I have seen many people over the years who were following a lie. They believed something that they had convinced themselves was true. The list of lies we believe is long. So is the list of predictable outcomes. Inappropriate anger, lost relationships, missed opportunities, bad decisions – all these and more take us down unhealthy paths in life.

It is tempting to say the devil makes us do the dumb stuff. The truth is we do it to ourselves. Like my daughter, it wasn’t the boat driver who drug her through weeds. She did it herself. So do we. Seek truth! I’m just sayin.’