Dr. Fink offers methods for pain relief, a healthier lifestyle

Dr. Adam Fink has been a chiropractor for HealthSource for the past 12 years. He recently moved the office to a new location. Photo by Scott Thoma

For the past 12 years, Dr. Adam Fink of HealthSource Chiropractic in Hutchinson has been putting smiles on the face of his patients, whether by providing relief to a patient suffering with a back problem, an infant with colic, or someone with a desire to lose weight.

“From cradle to grave, as they say,” said Dr. Fink. “I have treated all ages; from infants to seniors.”

Dr. Fink moved his office to a new location, 233 Hassan St. SE in Hutchinson, in late November.

“This is a much better location for my business,” he said. “The parking here is much more convenient. It’s right next to the door. Before, patients had to walk across a mall parking lot. And for those with a bad back or something else, that was a long walk.”

Dr. Fink is a certified chiropractic physician who has owned HealthSource Chiropractic since 2008.

“It’s rewarding when you are able to help someone that has been in pain for a long time,” Dr. Fink said.

Dr. Adam Fink giving an adjustment to one of his patients. Photo by Scott Thoma

Dr. Fink’s strategy when a patient comes into his office for treatment is to take things a step at a time.

“First off, I try to pinpoint the problem with the patient,” he said. “Then we have to resolve the problem with a plan so the patient is on the same page.”

One problem with some patients, however, is once they start to feel better, they go off the plan.

“It’s like if someone breaks their arm and the arm is put in a cast,” Dr. Fink explained. “And then the patient feels the arm is better and takes the cast off before it should be. And they re-break the arm again because (the bone) wasn’t strong enough yet.”

That’s the same principle when a patient visits Dr. Fink.

“You have to formulate a plan with a goal in mind and stick to it,” he stressed.

Not all chiropractors offer the services Dr. Fink does.  He utilizes x-rays, thorough examinations upfront that include orthopedic and neurological tests, as well as therapeutic exercises to “help patients get better faster and stay better longer”.

“We want to see progress,” said Dr. Fink. “That’s why we set measurable goals. I don’t want to just adjust someone and send them on their way and have them come back week after week and do the same thing.

“That’s just like putting a patch on for temporary relief, but not really fixing anything. If the patient is not getting the results we are looking for, I won’t hesitate to refer them to an MD or an orthopedic specialist.”

Dr. Fink explains some of the procedures he can do to alleviate pain and discomfort. Photo by Scott Thoma

Dr. Fink also has his patients incorporate therapeutic exercises in his office to strengthen and stabilize the muscles around the spine.

“It is very important to make sure they understand the correct form to use, so they are able to perform the exercises at home properly,” he said. “There are different protocols for different injuries and it’s about strengthening and stretching the muscles around the spine so the joints don’t keep slipping out of place.”

His patients agree with his methods.

“Dr. Fink was great in treating my hip and back pain,” said Wendy H. “He recommended stretches and exercises to boost healing and movement. He doesn’t insist on return visits when you are doing better. Also, he is very accommodating when the weather causes you to change your appointment.”

“I was suffering from major headaches and neck pain for years. Since being treated for only a few weeks, I’m pain free,” said Kristi H. “Dr. Fink was amazing at assessing my needs, and planning treatment with me for the best outcome. I was skeptical of chiropractic care, and now I realize it was the only treatment that helped my chronic pain.”

Dr. Fink adjusts the neck of a child. Photo by Scott Thoma

Dr. Fink also specializes in infant care for those suffering with problems with colic, ear infections and infant Torticollis (the inability to move the head due to neck restrictions).

“A lot of people don’t know that chiropractors can help infants with these types of things, but we have seen some great results with children,” he said.

Dr. Fink also utilizes his skills to help patients lose weight at his office through a program called Activate Metabolics Weight Loss.

“A large percentage of people suffering from back problems are overweight,” he said. “That’s why I introduced the weight loss program into my chiropractic office a few years ago.

Activate Metabolics is based on four pillars:

It includes the latest in weight-loss technology, including genetic testing and a scanning device to perform a body composition analysis.

A Metabolic Booster Meal Plan.

Proprietary nutritional formulas.

Individual one-on-one coaching and daily support.

An evening scene of the exterior of the new HealthSource clinic in Hutchinson. The new location is 233 Hassan Street SE in Hutchinson, and includes parking right in front of the office. Contributed photo

“We don’t use fake foods in our program,” said Dr. Fink, who personally has lost over 50 pounds using the Activate Metabolics program five years ago. “We don’t use protein bars, shakes or pre-packaged meals with this program. Someone might lose weight with those types of items, but it’s difficult to keep the weight off.”

HealthSource of Hutchinson is located at 233 Hassan St. SE in Hutchinson. They are open from 8:30 a.m. to noon, and 2-6 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays; 2-6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Fridays.

To make an appointment, call 320-234-3584. For more information, visit their website at www.healthsourcechiro.com/hutchinson/.