The majority of individuals attempting to shed a few unwanted pounds are of the understanding that eating less means losing more. But it’s not that simple. Or that healthy.

One of the success stories of the Activate Metabolic Weight Loss program is Dr. Adam Fink. Contributed photos

“What we see are people eating less and less and eventually they lose some weight,” said Dr. Seth Nelson, of the Rising Sun Chiropractic/Southern Minnesota Weight Loss Clinic, in St. Peter. “But then they starve themselves and fall off the wagon. And the weight comes right back on.”

“Most people want to lose weight as quickly and easily as they can,” said Dr. Adam Fink, of Healthsource Chiropractic/Hutchinson Weight Loss Clinic in Hutchinson. “And, after awhile, they lose energy because they aren’t eating the type of foods their body needs.”

Dr. Nelson and Dr. Fink were college classmates at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington. They became chiropractors 11 years ago, and each eventually introduced Activate Metabolics Weight Loss programs into their respective clinics.

Activate Metabolics utilizes DNA genetic testing to determine which type of foods a particular person needs.

“It’s like putting the right type of gas and oil in your car to keep the engine running smoothly,” explained Dr. Fink. “People need different amounts of certain foods to keep them healthy and have more energy.”

Dr. Seth Nelson. Contributed photo

Dr. Fink and Dr. Nelson are passionate about their clients losing weight the healthy way, through the advanced DNA Genetic Testing method they both have incorporated into their practice.

“Being overweight leads to mechanical stress and causes more musculoskeletal injuries; especially the lower back and hips,” said Dr. Fink. “That’s why we started Activate Metabolics Weight Loss in our clinics. We want to teach people that losing weight will reduce their inflammation and pain, make them healthier and give them more energy.”

Obesity continues to be on the rise in this country, leading to serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer. That’s why Activate Metabolic Weight Loss programs are being introduced more and more in chiropractic clinics and medical offices.

“I just started (on the Activate Metabolics program) 13 days ago, and am down 10 pounds,” said Emily O., one of Dr. Nelson’s clients. “My goal is to lose 20 pounds and have a waist again. The first day or two was tricky, but after that, I have felt phenomenal. I have more energy and no mid-day naps needed.”

Dr. Seth Nelson offers the Activate Metabolics Weight Loss program from Rising Sun Chiropractic/Southern Minnesota Weigh Loss Clinic in St. Peter. Contributed photo

Activate Metabolics Weight Loss program is based on four pillars:

(1) It includes the latest in weight-loss technology, including genetic testing and scanning device to perform a body composition analysis.

(2) A Metabolic Booster Meal Plan.

(3) Proprietary nutritional formulas.

(4) Individual one-on-one coaching and daily support.

One misconception about dieting is that a person must avoid any types of fat.

“There are good fats and bad fats,” Dr. Fink noted. “And by our genetic testing, we can determine that some people need more good fats than others.”

Good fats are things such as nuts, avocados and olive oil. Bad fats are things like vegetable oil, margarine and deep fried foods.

Dramatic results after just four months on the program.
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“We don’t use fake foods in our program,” said Dr. Fink, who lost over 50 pounds using the Activate Metabolics program five years ago, and has managed to keep the weight off. “We don’t use protein bars, shakes or pre-packaged meals. Someone might lose weight with those types of items, but it’s difficult to keep the weight off.”

Dr. Fink and Dr. Nelson educate their patients on the importance of shopping healthy and eating healthy.

“It’s important that we don’t try to frame this as a diet,” said Dr. Nelson. “We promote this as a shift in their lifestyle and incorporate genetic testing to show them how food affects them.

“And we teach them the proper foods to eat through extended follow-through and one-on-one daily support. The genetic testing allows them to have a reference guide to be successful.”

Genetic testing utilizes the advanced techniques of testing a client’s DNA in order to determine their metabolic tendencies and recommended daily intake of fats, carbohydrates and protein.

“We basically perform a swab test where we take a sample of the patient’s DNA by rubbing a swab inside their cheek,” said Dr. Fink. “We send that DNA sample to a lab, and they in turn, send us back a 50-page report that provides us detailed information about that client’s genetics.”

A person’s DNA influences their metabolism. And metabolism is what burns fat.

“Through these tests, we can then determine the foods you need more or less of to speed up your metabolism process,” explained Dr. Fink.

Before and after photos of a client who committed to the Activate Metabolic Weight Loss program. Contributed photo

“We can teach you how to eat and stay healthy,” said Dr. Nelson. “But it’s important to note that people have to want to do this. But our hope is that we can show you how this is something you can do for yourself.”

Dr. Fink and Dr. Nelson’s clients communicate with them daily through text messages or emails over the first couple of months of the program. Those clients relay information such as how much weight they have lost and their overall health. That information is vital, because if their coaches see certain trends, they can guide the client to influence those trends in a positive way.

“I joined Activate Metabolics to lose weight and address high blood pressure and arthritic pain in my knees and hips,” said Kevin V., a client of Dr. Fink. I have lost 38 pounds in 42 days, and as of now, am no longer on blood pressure medications, and my knees and hips feel better than they have in years.”

One of the most challenging parts of trying to lose weight is when a person “hits a plateau,” in which they begin to lose weight and then reach a point where they get frustrated because the scale isn’t still showing a decline in numbers.

“That does happen to some people, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the program isn’t working,” said Dr. Fink. “They might not see the weight coming off, but they are losing inches off their waist or somewhere else. Because of eating healthier, they feel better and have more energy, so they are exercising more. So they might not be losing weight, because they are building muscle and toning up instead, while still losing inches.”

“If they have hit a plateau, it’s nice to have this metabolic genetic testing, because we can find out why,” said Dr. Nelson. “It might be hormonal, a stress response, lack of sleep or something else. And we can determine what it is by a series of conversations and daily contact with the client for some time. It allows us to be better coaches.”

Dr. Fink and Dr. Nelson became chiropractors because of a desire to help others. And their weight loss programs are an example of that.

“It’s very rewarding to see the changes in people when they lose weight,” said Dr. Fink. “Not only that they are a smaller size, but also their personality improves, they are sleeping better and they have more energy. One woman that was overweight told me that she was just too exhausted to play with or even pick up her child. It broke her heart. But she started losing weight and all of a sudden she is riding bike with her child.”

Dr. Adam Fink offers the Activate Metabolics Weight Loss program from his chiropractic office, Health Source, in Hutchinson. Contributed photo

“It never gets old to see people feeling better,” said Dr. Nelson. “It is rewarding to see the change in how they feel. It’s not always easy and there certainly are challenges for them. But it can be a positive outcome for the rest of their life. And that’s the rewarding part.”

And it’s also rewarding for a client when they realize they can lose weight with this program after trying and failing for so long with other methods.

“I reached my goal of 35 pounds lost in about eight weeks,” said Sandy F., a client of Dr. Fink. “I have more energy and sleep better. My joints feel better and I move easier. I would really recommend (Activate Metabolics)  to anyone wanting to lose weight and to just learn a healthier way of eating.”

“This is the first time I have been in control of my weight for many, many years,” said Colleen D., a client of Dr. Nelson. “The program is easy, and I know my limitations. I can’t thank these people enough. They changed my life.”

Dr. Fink’s HealthSource Chiropractic/Hutchinson Weight Loss Center is located at 233 Hassan St. SE, in Hutchinson. For more information, or to make an appointment, call 320-234-3584 or visit the weight loss website at

Dr. Nelson’s Rising Sun Chiropractic and Weight Loss Clinic office is located at 1520 S. Minnesota Ave., in St. Peter. For more information, or to make an appointment, call 507-304-3743 or visit the website at

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