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Question: What’s a standby generator?

A standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and starts automatically — whether you’re home or away. All within seconds of a power outage.

Generators offer peace of mind of knowing when the power is out; your home will be warm or cool depending on the season. You won’t have a freeze up in the winter, and your sump pump will continue to run in the spring. Appliances like refrigerators and freezers or medical equipment like CPAP machines will continue to operate seamlessly.

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What can a generator power in my home?

A whole home can run on a standby generator. When looking at making the investment of a standby generator, you’ll decide which loads you want to have available when the utility power is not available. The number of items that you want to be able to use when the power is out will determine what size generator is needed. Kohler standby generators can also be set up to handle only essential loads.

The loads put on a generator can vary by your needs or wants along with the current electrical system. The most common loads we see for generators are sump pumps, furnaces, refrigerators, freezers, lights, garage door openers, wifi routers, AC/heat pumps, and medical equipment.

While generators work great for residential applications, they also work well for farm sites, sheds, off-grid applications, small businesses, server rooms, and more. Each situation is a little different, but generally installation is easy to do and can be done in less than a day or two.

Is a warranty available?

Yes, Kohler generators have a five-year war­ranty from the date of installation (when installed by a facto­ry-certified dealer), versus the date of manufacture. This warranty covers the first two years parts and labor and parts only for the final three years. Kohler also now offers an extended 10-year parts and labor warranty.

Kohler recommends yearly maintenance on standby generators. The engine in a generator is no different than your vehicle or riding lawnmower. They require regular oil changes and maintenance. The units run weekly or bi-weekly for 20 minutes to make sure the system is ready to run when the power goes out.

Can my generator be monitored remotely?

Yes, Kohler standby generators can be monitored whether you’re home or away with the OnCue® Generator Management System. This program allows you, a family member, or Ellingsons to get real-time updates, alerts, or any alarms needing attention from a mobile device or computer.

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