The Senior Perspective is a free monthly publication that was established in 1993 by Jeanne Olson. It has been published by Jim Palmer since 2002. The first copy was distributed in a handful of communities in west central Minnesota. Our publication has been one of the fastest-growing in the state over the last decade and that growth has been picking up steam the last few years. As popularity of the paper grew, our borders started to grow. Today, it is distributed in over 47 counties, more than 300 communities and in over 3,200 locations in Minnesota and now also in Fargo, ND. Our readership is estimated at about 166,600 people per month.

The readership of the newspaper has grown because people like the product. Our paper is not filled with hard news or political news. You will not find offensive or highly charged stories that will leave the readers upset and frustrated. Instead, we provide a newspaper with well written feature stories on people in your area; informational stories on health, finances, future planning and issues of aging; poems and recipes submitted by folks in your community; jokes, cartoons and games; and we fill in the cracks with some useful tips, interesting quotes and a touch of tasteful humor.

Readers of the Senior Perspective are very loyal to our paper and they support the advertisers who are represented in the paper. Our mission with each newspaper is to satisfy both the readers and the advertisers and we work hard to achieve this mission each month.

In addition to the Senior Perspective newspaper, we publish a cookbook each year in November. We have sold better than 12,000 cookbooks each year for the last five years. In 2013, we sold 27,000.

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