For Sale: JD 7000 6 rows corn planter with corn and beans cups and monitor plus acre meter, Watkins, 320-453-6122.

For Sale: JD 48 loaders, choice of 2, 1 with Gresen valve, no welds, $2,750, retired farmer, Gaylord, 507-995-7966.

Wanted: Want to buy butcher cows. 320-894-7175.

Wanted: Old heating fuel or diesel, I can pump out of your basement. 320-424-2005. (5/20)

Wanted: Hay loader, old 2 row corn planter, send picture and price with phone number to Lee Meyer, 101 -4th St. S., DeGraff, MN 56271. (3/20)

Wanted: 4 row corn planter, prefer plate type and 8 or 10 foot grain drill, also older front wheel assist tractor, any condition, Verndale, 218-640-1685 (3/20)

Wanted: Center links for any JD tractor, also wanted square head sockets for square headed bolts, one socket or a set, Verndale, 218-640-1685.

Wanted: Beginning farmer looking for a 7 to 9 foot haybine with good crimper and in good shape. Please leave a message at 320-808-3410.