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Ask the Expert: What is a Lyric listening device?

Answers by Andrea Speckmier, Hearing

Instrument Specialist, at HearLife of Minnesota, Alexandria location

What is a Lyric listening device? Lyric (Leer-ik) is the smallest listening device on the market. It is 100 percent invisible and worn inside the ear. Lyric is virtually hands free with no batteries to change, no daily maintenance, and no parts to replace. Lyric can be worn 24 hours a day for month(s) at a time*. And Lyric can be worn during all daily activities including showering, sleeping and exercising**.

Lyric is a yearly subscription, so you are always getting the most up-to-date technology. Lyric is not designed to be reinserted once removed. You will have to go back to your provider for a replacement device.

How to determine if you are a candidate for Lyric? We go through three steps to evaluate a patient for the Lyric hearing device. First, the ear canal is evaluated to determine if a patient’s ear is an appropriate candidate for the device.

Second, an audiogram is performed to determine if the hearing loss is within the fitting range.

Third, the ear canal is then sized by the Lyric fitting procedure, ideally under a high-magnification microscope, to determine if the patient’s ears can accommodate the Lyric device. There are some medical conditions that do not allow patients to use this device. See your Lyric provider for more information.

A Lyric listening device is placed close to the ear drum by a trained professional. Contributed image

How does Lyric work? Lyric is placed close to the eardrum by a trained professional. Lyric uses the natural acoustics from your ear to hear sounds as natural as possible.

The device is made from a soft biocompatible material designed to contour to the ear canal and ensure natural ventilation and stable, comfortable placement.

What current patients say about Lyric? Some typical comments include, “Lyric is very comfortable,” “I travel often with my job so it’s so easy not to have to worry about bringing batteries with me everywhere I go, “the sound quality is so natural,” and “I don’t even notice it in my ear.”

Where do we go to have our Lyric re-fit if needed? We have a patient with Lyric who lives in Minnesota, Alaska, and Kansas throughout the year and travels between states. There are Lyric providers across the country and we can find a place near you that also handles Lyric to get you re-fit as needed. We also see patients who have Lyric from another provider to be re-fit***.

How is Lyric different than daily wear hearing aids? Daily wear hearing aids are a device that is put in every morning and removed each night by the patient. Batteries need to be changed. How often they are changed depends on the size of the battery. Daily wear candidacy is also determined by your hearing loss. There are different styles of hearing aids. The style is determined by hearing loss and patient preference.

Most recently, hearing aid manufacturers have come out with rechargeable hearing aids. Also, most hearing aids can directly connect into cell phones.

Learn more; get a free hearing consultation To schedule a free hearing consultation or to find out if you are a candidate for Lyric, call HearLife of MN, at 320-759-1764 or visit us at HearLife of MN is the leading Lyric provider in central Minnesota.

Lyric is not appropriate for all patients. See a Lyric provider to determine if Lyric is right for you. *Individual patient needs may vary. **Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged underwater. ***Professional fees may apply. Annual subscription begins the first day of trail.

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