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August 2023 Photo Gallery

Hobby farms are fun for all ages. Heather Link of Prinsburg, Minn., visited her sister and brother-in-law north of Renville. Eden (pictured) loved the goats.

This 27-inch walleye was caught on July 1 by Collin Cramlet. Collin is the son of Becky & Adam Cramlet of Albany, Minn. Photo sent in by Lowell Anderson.

Stacy Moe of Vergas, Minn., went to Detroit Lakes’ annual fireworks display this 4th of July.

This family’s tradition is to take a photo standing in the cornfield on the 4th of July. It should be about knee high at that time. This year, however, it is ahead of schedule. Pictured is Don Enstad of Walnut Grove., Minn.

A few monarch butterflies have enjoyed stopping at Catherine Craddock’s butterfly garden in Mankato. She said her garden is finally starting to “grow” butterflies.

This pelican shows off his crazy big mouth. Jim Lehan snapped this photo on May 24th at Granite Falls.

Muriel Coulter and her husband of Tracy, Minn., went on safari and stayed in a lodge in Lephalale, South Africa for one and a half weeks. Along with many other sites, they captured this stunning sunset at the end of June.

DeVonne Koppenberg of Rockford, took this close-up photo of a deer a few miles out of Monticello this June.

Sue Poirier of Waite Park, Minn., loves to take photos with outdoor sculptures. She calls this photo “Hanging with my bud.” Taken in Nyberg Park, Vining, Minn.

Near Banff, Terri Sanoski, of Cushing, Minn. tested the water of the first glacier she has ever stood on. She was told that drinking glacier water makes you look younger, so she had to give it a taste. Looks like it worked.

This is a female widow skimmer. The “widow” name suggests the dark basal portion of the wings looks like a widow’s black mourning shawl. Adults eat almost any small, soft-bodied flying insect, including mosquitoes. Photo by Al Batt of Heartland Minn.

Gail Kloos of Dalton had a wonderful July weekend. They had a wonderful fire where her family enjoyed S’mores.

Lori Ostrowski of Brainerd shows us that her lovely sunflowers are in full bloom.

Cali-Ester the cat thinks that ice cream is delicious. She is determined to have some every time Megan Anderson of Fergus Falls gets some for herself.

While preparing to plant impatiens, Mary Ann Thalmann of Plato discovered this toad blending into her plants.

A few months ago, John from New Ulm had his Cheese Machine drip overnight. He couldn’t help himself from making the cheese into a little character.

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