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Books by Local Authors

Legged Alarm Clocks by Dennis Sagvold -- A collector’s guide for legged alarm clocks. More than 375 black and white photos and information on each clock. Clocks are all from 1880-1935. $19.95, order from Schiffer Publishing, 4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310 or from any major bookstore.

Petals of Distinction by Rosie Hartwig-Benson of Litchfield, Minn. -- This memoir brings the reader on a journey into the mind-body and soul of the author, who tells her story of being stricken with a silent disease that paralyzed her stomach. She shares her courageous battle to live and survive without the traditional means of eating and drinking food. $10, contact

Time is a Complicated Thing and Extraordinary by Victoria Jorgenson of Redwood Falls -- Victoria is a junior at Redwood Valley High School and has self published these two books. Time is a Complicated Thing is about a girl who had the ability to predict when someone was going to die. Victoria published this book when she was eight. $6,; Extraordinary is about a boy who has lived in a hospital his whole life, until one day he finally gets a chance to leave and see the world. $10,

Kari’s Tree by Marilyn Salzi Brinkman of St. Joseph -- Kari’s Tree is a children’s book about a little girl who finds a tiny oak tree that looks “weak and forlorn, like an orphan, amid many tall trees” growing in the big woods. She decides to adopt it. She takes it home and replants it in her own backyard and compares it to her own adoption. It grows with her. Eventually, she brings her own little adopted girl to visit it. It is about the preservation of forests and adoption. This is Brinkman’s 10th book, but first children’s book. $17.99, available by Lakeside Press of Willmar ( or by contacting author at

All books by Bill Green, 82, of Paynesville (pen name Scharlie Martin), Beware That Old Spoonin’ Moon, An Adult Psychological Thriller by Bill Green (pen name Scharlie Martin) of Paynesville -- A story of a man’s search for redemption after his wife left him. Paperback, $16.99, Ebook, $1.99; Marching as to War, A Love Story of Sorts -- A story of a returning Vietnam veteran, and his attempt to come to grips with the madness of war by going head to head with the chaos of young love in a summer school session at a college in Iowa; Paperback, $13.99, Ebook, $2.99 Brandy Apple Days ‘n Dandelions, A Scharlie Martin Poetry Collection -- A collection of poetry; Paperback, $10.99, Ebook, $2.99 The Bid for the Throne, Democracy in Crisis by Bill Green -- Nonfiction on current political situation, Paperback, $15, Ebook, $2.99 all books available through Modern Knight Publishing.

Waters Like the Sky, Book 1 of “The Chronicles of an Unlikely Voyageur” series, by Nikki Rajala -- An educated boy in French Canada in 1801, despises school and yearns for an adventurous life of a voyageur. His fate changes when a letter arrives and he learns he has royal blood... and a long lost brother. To search for him, the boy becomes a voyageur, but discovers an enemy wants both he and his brother dead. Treacherous Waters, Book 2 of the series -- Now age 14, the boy’s adventure continues. These novelized stories of the fur trade in Minnesota are appropriate for middle school through adult readers. Cost $10 per book, plus $4 shipping. Send check for $14 per book to Nikki Rajala, P.O. Box 372, Rockville, MN 56369. Online visit or using PayPal.

Locked Up in Frost by Patricia Buschette of Renville -- Captain Robert “Jens” Jensen, Jr., and a cast of characters from the imaginary town of Glenview in southeastern Minnesota, weathered droughts and war over the years, but found strength in the land. The status quo was shattered when a dispute arose over the countryside like the clouds of a prairie thunderstorm. See how Jensen and his community coped with conflict of family and community. Learn more at or contact Patricia Buschette at The book is available from the author in the Renville area for $20, including sales tax. Books can be shipped for $25.

More Orphan Tractors by Bill Vossler of Rockville -- Since the advent of the tractor age about 1900, more than 900 tractor companies have migrated to the great iron graveyard in the sky, leaving thousands of diffferent tractor models as orphans -- tractors whose parent company and name no longer actively survive. This book chronicles the histories of 40 of these companies through words, ads photos and reflections of the times.. This is a sequel book to Orphan Tractors. $10 plus $3 postage/handling. Send to Bill Vossler Books, Box 372, Rockville, MN 56369.

Letters to the Chief -- A Minnesota Childhood by Judi Lifton, who grew up in Willmar. -- This autobiographical book focuses on the author’s childhood in Willmar in the 1950s (she calls it Parker Falls in the book). It explores loneliness and loss, simple pleasures and recalls memories and interactions with a terminally ill friend/American Indian storyteller/singer/advocate named Chief White Feather, who frequently travelled to Willmar. $16.99, available at some area shops, as well as Amazon and Calumet, or email author at

Between the Cattails & the Bulrushes by Gordon F. Ekberg of Herman -- The book’s story was highlighted in the January 2018 edition of the Senior Perspective. The book sold out in the first two months and is now in its Second Edition. Gordon passed away less than a week after he completed his autobiography and the Lake Region Arts Council allowed his wife, Gay, to complete the grant request by working with the editor on final printing as well as promotion of the book. The book deals with a wide range of topics from drama to poetry, from close calls to his deep Christian faith, from being bullied as a child to becoming a leader in many capacities. $19.99 plus tax. Available on Amazon, the Thorsen Memorial Library in Elbow Lake, the Stevens County Historical Museum in Morris, and directly from Gay Ekberg, 15197 240th Ave., Herman, MN 56248.

Rescued from Worry by Kelly Aul of Elbow Lake. -- This powerful book is her own testimony of how God completely rescued her from worry, how to help other obtain their freedom, and how to remain free. Although she didn’t plan on it, this book was published at the same time Covid-19 made its appearance. Rescued from Worry has helped countless people through this difficult and uncertain time. In addition, Kelly has written two series books called Never Forsaken and Relentless.

Memories of an 80 Year Old Man by LeRoy D. “Lee” Meyer of DeGraff -- Stories from Lee Meyer from his childhood through more current days, including several stories about local and state sports figures. $9.50 plus $2.80 shipping and handling ($12.30). Send check to Lee Meyer, 504 Pacific Ave, DeGraff, MN 56271.

A Hodge Podge of Poems, Musings, Poetic Just Us by Doug Bengston of Wood Lake -- Original poems from the author and his family. Doug started writing poetry in 2009 and is currently working on his fourth book of poems. $7 for one book, $13 for two books, $20 for three books, order by sending check to Doug Bengston, Box 68, Wood Lake, MN 56297.

Saloons, Space Aliens, Cold Cases, Dassel Stories 1850-1920 by William Ward of Dassel -- This contains 86 stories from the history of Dassel. While localized, it is a great look at the times and settlement of early Minnesota, with high adventures, humor and a few interesting twists. Available through the Dassel Area Historical Society at (320) 275-3077 or on Amazon. $20. The Little Missionary of Lake Jennie, The Story of Lydia Anderson Nelson, edited by William Ward of Dassel. In 1959 Lydia Nelson sat down and wrote the story of her life and family as she grew up in the late 19th century on a farmstead south of Dassel. The daughter of Swedish pioneers, she and her family endured extreme hardship, wonderful, happy times and a full Christian faith. The story has wolves, ghosts, bad men and a host of other interesting characters. Available only as a free download from the Dassel Area Historical Society at

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