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Boomer’s Journal: Snow Angels

I’m going to start the New Year by just lying in the snow and making a snow angel. It’s a new year.  I’m grateful for the old, and I’m excited for the new. I’m going to lie in the snow and make a snow angel, just like I used to do with my kids when they were little…and I’m going to do it more than once.

I’m going to make a snow angel when the sun is shining. This will be the New Year where I can forget about aches and pains and instead, good health overrules. I will relish on the simple things in life like hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows. The heck with health foods every day. Every once in a while we can all splurge on sugar. I’m going to soak in the winter sunshine and feel the warmth on my face.

And, I’m going to smile as I remember good times, great family and friends and friends that are really family.

I’m going to make a snow angel on a cloudy day. Life isn’t always perfect. A cloudy day will be a good day to lie in the snow and reflect on gratefulness.

I’m grateful for the struggles because they brought me to today. When I look up at the clouds I’m going to look at them as a blanket that every once in a while we all need, just for warmth, when all else seems to have abandoned our enthusiasm. And I’m going to remember that sometimes I just don’t have the energy and the excitement I had on another day, and that’s OK. Just because.

I’m going to make a snow angel while it’s snowing. My eyes will blink as snowflakes fall and sprinkle my face ,and I will have a big smile as I soak it all in. Oh, I’m 10 years old again! Maybe I can find someone to play duck-duck-grey-duck with, just like the old days.  I might make New Year’s resolutions and then again, maybe not. Instead, I’ll just do the best I can on each given day.

I’m going to make a snow angel at night, when the stars and the moon are shining bright. Have you ever noticed how big our sky is during the winter? Here’s your chance. Go out after supper, lay in the snow and make your own snow angel. Just think, the moon is the same moon that those who live far away can see. I see the same moon that my grandchildren see, the one made with love and not cheese. I see a million stars and know that I have a whole bunch I can wish upon, and yet, I have everything, including health and happiness.

Yup, I’m going to make snow angels in January.

January, a time of new beginnings, the month of organizing and getting a fresh start. January, when the days are short, when the temperature drops and snowstorms stop traffic.

January, a month to cozy up to the hearth, to be thankful and to dream, and reflect on our personal journey within.

And, yes, a time to lie in the snow and make snow angels.

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