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Business Profile: Three Sisters Furnishings

Amish furniture, decor and more… Three Sisters is your ‘one stop shop.’

Quality and unique decor and beautiful handcrafted Amish furniture. That is what you will find if you drop by Three Sisters Furnishings of New London. Three Sisters is a family-owned furnishing store located just a mile north of Sibley State Park at the intersection of U.S. Highway 71 and State Highway 9. The site of the store used to be home of a restaurant. After the restaurant closed, the building sat empty for about a dozen years. The store opened a few years back after some discussions between Roger Imdieke and the Amish community in Todd County. Imdieke had been raising dairy heifers and had built some strong business connections with the Amish. His Amish friends had been asking Roger about marketing their cabins in the New London area and after some thought and family discussion, Roger decided to go ahead with it. The site of Three Sisters had been a restaurant. It had closed its doors in the 1990s and had sat vacant ever since. In July 2009, Roger and his wife, Judy, opened Three Sisters with the help of their three daughters, Tracy (Knudsen), Katie (Hentges) and Jacki. The girls also inspired the name of the new furnishing store. “Dad felt this corner would be a good place to market the cabins, but that meant we needed to put the building to good use, too,” said Tracy.  “Amish made furniture and decor and gift items seemed to be the obvious fit. And we just keep adding more!” People started to find Three Sisters and liked what they saw. More Amish communities were contacted to build furniture to keep up with the demand. “We now work with the Amish in both Todd County, as well as from Indiana,” said Tracy. “The furniture we sell here is all Amish furniture. These are truly heirloom pieces. We also do custom orders where you can pick the wood, style and color. That is a major part of our furniture business and what sets us apart from others. People can customize items to fit their home.” This past May, the facility doubled in size to about 6,000 square feet, to accommodate the growing business. The expanded area allowed Three Sisters to better display their Amish furniture and to display more of it. It also meant that more gift items and decor could be added. “Besides the custom Amish furniture, we also offer many unique gift items, home and children’s decor, pantry items, consignment items, outdoor structures, Amish goods, patio furniture and the works of local artists,” said Tracy. “We have unique gift items for men, women and children. And we also  try to make sure the items we sell in the store are not the same as the ones that are sold at the other shops in New London. Also, our art corner features one local artist and they are featured for two months before we bring in another artist.” Whenever possible, Three Sisters looks for Minnesota, midwest and U.S. products. Their most recent addition has been meats and cheese from both Wisconsin and Schaefer’s Market of Sauk Centre. Three Sisters also offers many special items and services for the holidays that are a hit with the cutomers. “For Thanksgiving time, we are taking Amish pie orders. We will have pumpkin, blueberry, cherry, pecan and apple. You just have to order the pies ahead of time and pick them up at Thanksgiving,” said Tracy. “We will have Minnesota Grown Christmas trees, spruce tops, wreaths and garland, beginning the day after Thanksgiving.” Custom gift baskets are available and can be filled with a variety of food and non-food items in the store.  Three Sisters can also help employers with employee gifts. They can wrap them up and ready to give. “We would like to take some of the work out of the holidays for people so they can have more time for family and friends during that busy time of the year,” said Tracy.  “We really want our store to be a one-stop shop for the holidays.” Three Sisters also offers a bridal and baby registry to the future brides, grooms and parents. If you need your gifts wrapped, they are happy to do that for you. Three Sisters offers a variety of unique gift items for men, women and children. “One of our latest additions has been the poly lawn furniture,” said Tracy. “It is made from recycled milk jugs, is maintenance free, and offered in bright colors. That has been a real hit with the lake and cabin people, where the less maintenance the better. These will make wonderful gifts for the holidays.” Three Sisters is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 9 a.m.-5:30 pm., Thursday from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. It is also open on Sundays from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. during the summer and the month of December. “And ladies… get some friends together and join us for deer hunting widows weekend” said Tracy. “And then we have Home for the Holidays Friday and Saturday, Nov. 9-10, which is always a fun weekend. We will be offering special pricing, food samples, and more.” You can contact Three Sisters by calling 320-354-4480, and by visiting their web site ( or Facebook page. They are also active on Three Sisters have weekly specials each week which are posted on their Facebook page and at the store.

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