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Buying or selling a home made simple

Buyer:‘I couldn’t be happier’

Seller:‘It only took her three days’

One of the most stressful times in a person’s life is buying or selling a home. Tammy Rolf of Counselor Realty of Hutchinson is fully prepared to ease the burden of that grueling process.

Tammy Rolf with Paulette Sims, a satisfied seller. Tammy sold Paulette’s home in just three days and also helped her get moved into her new apartment. Photo by Scott Thoma

When Paulette Sims was looking to sell her home in Hutchinson in order to move into a senior living facility, she was virtually on her own.

“I didn’t have any family members living in the area,” she said. “I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.”

Sims was put in touch with Tammy and her worst fears were soon calmed.

“I trusted her immediately,” said Sims. “I can’t believe how much she helped me.”

Sims was battling an illness when she put her home up for sale.

“It only took Tammy three days to sell my house, which really helped me a lot,” said Sims. “When I moved into my apartment here, Tammy came over and helped me arrange everything. She didn’t have to do that, but she wanted to help me get moved in.”

Tammy has steadily built a reputation as someone not just in the business to see how much money she can make.

“She works for the people more than she does for herself,” insisted Pat Dunnick, a retired pastor who, along with her husband Butch, recently utilized Tammy’s services through Counselor Realty to purchase a home in Hutchinson. “If any of our family members moves here, (Tammy) will definitely be their realtor.”

Tammy switched professions five years ago and the main reason she chose to become a real estate agent was that it provided her more of an opportunity to help others.

“I love working with people,” she said. “It’s rewarding to see the smiles on their faces when their home sells or when they move into their dream home.”

When the Dunnicks moved from Windom to Hutchinson, they sought a Christian realtor.

Tammy Rolf with Pat and Butch Dunnick. The Dunnicks moved from Windom to Hutchinson and were looking for a new home. Tammy worked hard to find “the right home” for the Dunnicks. Photo by Scott Thoma

“We were put in touch with Tammy and we connected right away,” said Pat Dunnick. “We appreciated her faith and she was very thorough in looking for a home in our price range.”

“Everything went really well,” added Butch. “We couldn’t have been happier with what (Tammy) did for us. She was there to help every step of the way.”

After it’s determined what type of lending program her client will have and what type of residence fits their budget, Tammy begins her search for homes on the market in those parameters.

“I usually get a good idea after looking at the first house because the clients will let me know the things they like or don’t like about the house,” Tammy explained.

And she is relentless in her pursuit in seeking the right home for her client.

“She seemed to know exactly what we were looking for,” said Butch Dunnick. “So she looked around until she found the right home for us.”

Tammy Rolf takes special care to assist seniors in buying and selling a home.

“I initially set up an in-home consultation to discuss how I can help them achieve their goal of buying or selling,” she said. “I offer such services as staging, packing and interior design consultation. Whatever I can do to make the transition easier for them.”

Whether it’s selling their home, purchasing a new home, or both, Tammy’s clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire about their experience with the entire process. The positive comments are overwhelming.

Tammy Rolf of Counselor Realty talks with a potential seller at her office in Hutchinson. Tammy can be reached by calling 320-582-1017. Photo by Scott Thoma

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the work Tammy did for me,” said Sara Otto, who now lives in Chaska. “I was selling my home in Chisago Lakes and she came down and we talked a lot about what I expected my house to sell for.”

Otto admitted that is was a stressful time for her having to leave her home and move into a senior living facility in Chaska.

“I wasn’t (stressed) too long, though,” she laughed. “Tammy sold my house in less than a week and got the price I wanted for it. She is so thoughtful and was just a delight to work with.”

With spring just around the corner, prospective buyers and sellers are becoming more active. Whether you are a first-time buyer or seller, or have been through the process before, Tammy will assist you in any way she can.

“I will sit down with the client and listen to exactly what they want and need,” she said. “By listening to them and asking questions, I can find out what type of a house will fit their needs and budget.”

And it was that process and promise that the Dunnicks said they appreciated about Tammy.

“She didn’t try to sell us a house that we couldn’t afford,” said Pat Dunnick. “We’re very happy with the home we now live in. This is the home God wanted us to be in.”

Communication is paramount for any successful realtor, which is one of Tammy’s strengths.

“She was constantly keeping me informed,” said Otto. “She always went out of her way for me. I can’t tell you how many times she came down here and how many times she called to let me know what was going on with the sale of my house.”

“From start to finish, Tammy kept us in the loop about what was available for us,” said Pat Dunnick. “That’s why I would strongly recommend her to anyone that asks us if we know of a good realtor.”

Additionally, Tammy offers a packing service to a client during the moving process.

“I started offering this service in which I will go into their home and help them pack their belongings for them,” she noted.

And Tammy is also qualified to stage a home to make it look attractive to any potential buyers.

“She is very good at (staging),” said Sims. “She knew exactly how to put everything in the right place. That’s probably why she sold my house so fast.”

Tammy also offers to assist her clients in designing the interior of their home.

“If they are looking for advice, I can help them pick our colors of paint for the walls or help them pick out flooring,” she said.

Tammy has also conducted seminars for first-time home buyers and is planning more in the future.

Tammy’s office is located in Hutchinson, while her brokerage firm is located in Minnetonka. To contact Tammy, call 320-582-1017 or email Or visit her on Facebook.

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