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Capturing treasured moments

Photo Memorials offers compassionate photography during funerals and graveside services

Photo Memorials is a funeral photography service that provides comfort and healing for families during the process of grieving, and records family history for future generations.

Photo Memorials was launched in 2012 when Peg Wellendorf offered to take photographs during the funeral and graveside service of a dear friend, Malinda “Peg” Meyer. “She was a mentor to me. I knew her family, and they were very open to my offer,” explained Wellendorf. The resulting photographs were a meaningful, tangible collection of compassionate images from that very important day.

The family was overwhelmed by the treasured photographs, which Wellendorf presented in a book she created through an online vendor. They strongly encouraged Peg to reach out to others with her gift of compassion and talent with her camera. Through Wellendorf’s photographs the Meyer family can reflect on moments from the service and are reminded of the kindness of friends and family who came to honor their mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend. Peg Wellendorf, funeral photographer, offers this compassionate “photography service.”

A Photo Memorial is a professionally bound, hardcover book. Peg explained, “Photographed moments from the funeral and graveside service and time spent in fellowship with friends and family are the primary parts of your Photo Memorial. Also included are the obituary, special readings, scripture and song lyrics chosen for the funeral service.”  All photographs are taken with utmost respect for the family and their loved one, as well as those who attend the service. Your family is provided with a draft copy of your Photo Memorial to view and edit. When the layout and text is exactly as you wish, it is sent to print. Your photographs are never used in any other Photo Memorial and never shared without permission. Each Photo Memorial is unique and compassionate.

Be Compassionate ~ Record History ~ Bring Healing

In 1958, when Peg was 20 months old, her mother was tragically and suddenly gone, killed in a car accident. Through the years Peg has relied on caring friends and family to share their stories of her mother.

“As an adult, I realized knowing about my mom’s days here on earth were important in my healing. Her death and burial were also a part of her life, and I wanted to be connected to that too. Knowing more was a comfort to me. That information began to fill the void in my heart.”

It was when her friend Malinda “Peg” Meyer died that another moment of healing clicked, literally, with her camera. “I remember taking pictures of what touched me, what made me feel comforted, what brought me peace on that sad day. I photographed what I felt would bring healing to her family members in the days and months and years ahead.”

A Photo Memorial … • Provides a way to reflect upon the service of your loved one • Is keepsake for future generations • Helps bring comfort • Is a meaningful way to share the day with those not able to attend the service Photo Memorials was presented at the Minnesota Funeral Directors Association (MDFA) 2014 Annual Conference. “I am honored to say that the importance of Photo Memorials was viewed as highly significant by the MFDA Board of Directors, MFDA attending members, National Funeral Directors Association 2013 President Robert Rossen, and Coral Popowitz, executive director of Children’s Grief Connection of Minnesota,” Peg said. These professionals noted her innovative concept, quality work, meaningful content and compassionate photography.

Peg Wellendorf lives with her husband, Jim, less than a mile from her childhood home in Morris. Many of her fondest creative experiences came to life in the family porch, where she and her friends spent endless hours playing, performing and creating. Adulthood brought those creative genes to another level of artistry, including making family memory books.

“Their pages bring me joy, comfort and reassurance. They remind me that our time together means something substantial. They are our history,” Peg said. She believes that Photo Memorials will become a natural part of the funeral arrangement process, adding, “Funeral photography just seems like a natural flow to life.”

Ask your funeral director to request the service of Photo Memorials, call 320-287-0855, or email . View shared Photo Memorials at

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