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Crow is on the menu

By Lowell Hunt of Detroit Lakes

I had a day of days yesterday. I thought I would use the Dragnet analogy to describe it to you.

It’s Friday, May 26th, 2023, at 8:42 a.m. I go to my garage, back out my car, and head for the Ice House restaurant. I had an appointment to meet a young friend of mine who is 29 years old and needed a friend. We are to meet at 9 a.m. for breakfast. This Saturday should be fun. I got a table and the waitress came over and asks what I would like. I ask her to bring me a cup of coffee and tell her there will be two of us.

At 9:05, she brings me a cup of coffee and silverware for two.

At 9:11, she brought my coffee and asked when my friend is coming. I said “supposed to be here at 9.” She looked at her watch, it’s 9:15, so she asked if I would like to order. I say “no, I will wait, he should be here soon.” I drink not one, but two cups of coffee; it’s 9:37. The waitress stopped by and said, “Your friend is late.” I poured my third cup of coffee, spilling some on my hand; it hurt like the dickens. I have a better word but might not use it here.

It’s 9:51 and the waitress checked on me and asked what I think. I can’t tell her what I think! So I said I want to order one egg and a side order of crisp hashbrowns.

At 10:16, my food comes and I eat it.

At 10:31, guess what, my friend showed up. He said he is running a little late; a little hour and 31 minutes late! He sat down and started looking at the menu. I asked for my tab at 10:40 and the waitress brought me the ticket. I get up to pay at 10:45, go back to the table and say goodbye to my friend, and say “I will see you sooner or later.”

At 10:58, I arrive home. Vivian asked how breakfast was and I said, “ok.” She asked what I had for breakfast and I said “Crow!” And I told her the story. She said, “Lowell, you have to forgive him and ask the Lord to forgive you.” (more crow please!) I try to take a nap (forget that!), I pray, and ask the Lord to forgive me (more crow please).

At 12:17 p.m., the Lord said, “Call him.” I said, “WHAT?” The Lord said, “Yes, you have to call him and apologize.” I said, “WHAT?!”

At 12:50, I called, apologized, and asked him if he likes pie. He said he loves pie. “Darn it!”

I said to meet me at the 59er at 3 p.m.. I want to say “sharp,” but know I couldn’t say it.

It’s 1:15, I took a little nap and woke up at 2:40. I head over to the 59er. When I arrive, my friend is parked and waiting for me this time! I get out of my car and he came walking over. He gave me a big hug, and said, “I’m sorry Lowell.”

At 3 p.m., we sat down and the waitress came over and asked how we’re doing. I said, “We both just had crow for lunch and now we need dessert.”

My friend ordered berry pie, and I ordered apple and my fifth cup of coffee for the day. We had a nice visit.

At 4:10, we parted ways and I said to myself, “That’s the best crow I have ever tasted. Thank you Lord for this wonderful world.”

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