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Doris Group heads to Red Wing for ‘Doris Day’

If your name is Doris, you have something in common with all the women pictured below.

The Doris Club held their annual get together in Red Wing this year. They have been coming together each year since 1995.

Doris Gruber was the official host this year, and she was helped by Doris Bailey, Doris French, Doris Peterson and Doris Tiedemann. Doris Wenzel and Doris Cress assisted with the planning part of the day.

The ladies met at the Red Wing Pottery Museum and had lunch together. A florist from Red Wing gave a demonstration on hanging baskets, something Red Wing is known for, and the group also took a tour of the pottery museum in town.

Some of the door prizes to be given away included a couple of the hanging plant baskets, fresh floral table arrangements made in Red Wing Pottery vases donated by the museum, plus all of the attendees received a custom-made commemorative pottery soap dish.

The following cities have hosted the special “Doris Day”: Storden, Lamberton (twice), Sanborn, Tracy, Redwood Falls, Milroy, Wabasso (twice), Lakefield, Bird Island, Redwood Falls, Minneota, Alexandria, Minneapolis, Willmar, Sauk Centre, Dodge Center, Tyler, Excelsior, Greenwald, Braham, Paynesville, St. Paul and Glenwood.

The group started in 1995 with only 10 ladies named Doris in southwest Minnesota, and now the group has over 200 members. Most of the members are from Minnesota, but there are some from other states. Doris Day is also an honorary member of the club.

The group recently received an autographed photo from both Doris Day and Doris Roberts this year, and they were on display for the day in Red Wing.

The only prerequisite for joining the Doris Club is that your name be Doris. Members of the group vary in age from teenage to over 90 years old.

If your name is Doris and you would like to be a member of the Doris Club or want to learn more about the club, call Doris Cress at 651-459-8536.

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