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February 2022 Photo Gallery

While Sue Taylor of Hitterdal is in Texas, she looks for heart-shaped cactus, or as she calls them, “Texas four-leaf clover.”

If you travel Highway 238, from St. Francis Church to Upsala, you can spot this tree bouquet growing out of an old silo, from the road. Photo taken last summer by Lawrence Sand of Freeport.

Bailee Blair Klose and Bonanza, in Alexandria last year. Sent in by Joyce Blair Anderson, of Starbuck.

Rosalyn Carter, of Sauk Centre shared her daughter’s cat, Bronte, reflecting back in the dishwasher.

Myra Baune found Ramsey Falls frozen to a stop in Alexander Ramsey Park, in Redwood Falls.

A gnome caught enjoying the snow by Rosie Athmann in Melrose.

Pileated woodpecker saluting the American flag. Photo taken in August by avid bird watcher Steve Thaemert Sr. at his residence in Princeton.

The big local news everyone was talking about on January 19 were these sun dogs. Lori McKirdy spied them near Alexandria.

On windy and cold, snowy days, it is not unusual for Ardith Anderson to see many birds resting in trees and lilacs, in her Clarkfield front yard, after they have eaten their fill at her feeders.

A few days before Christmas, Gail Kloos had a bright red cardinal visitor in the morning in Donnelly.

Christmas Day and the horses looked good eating while the snow fell. Shared by Donny & Kay Harth in Glenwood.

Deloris Peterson, of rural Glenwood, says, “Red sky in the morning sailors warning.”

Looked like an angel, but it was an owl print after catching a mouse, that Cheri Nieland found in Alexandria.

Not what Char Rohlick was expecting to see on the trail cam near Henning. Maybe it was a deer in Halloween costume or just a confused cow, either way Char doesn’t know where it came from.

As far as Patt Nelson could count, this New Year’s day visitor in the backyard near Lake Jessie, in Spicer, had an eight point rack.

A colorful moth visited Jeff and JoEllen Stave’s yard, in Brainerd, one morning.

In early January, skies near the Strom farm, north of Dawson, were dominated by sun dogs. Photo by Karen Strom, of Dawson.

Yvonne Christensen takes many photos of wildlife and counted herself lucky in December to have gotten this eagle picture near the bridge over Lake Orono, coming back from Elk River.

DeVonne Koppenberg watched this pretty red cardinal in a tree near her window in St. Cloud.

Is it a weird stuffed animal from the carnival? No, it was a California brown pelican found at the beach in Oceanside, California. Shared by Kathleen Wuertz of St. Cloud.

Close encounter between a friendly squirrel and Rosie Hartwig-Benson’s cat, in Meeker County.

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