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Golden K members come together to help the hungry

Some 50 Golden K members, spouses and friends gathered at Harvest Pack in Alexandria, to purchase and package over 10,000 meals for shipment to hungry and starving people around the world. In just over an hour on a Thursday afternoon in September, the work was done on this shipment. Twenty percent will be donated locally, and the remainder will be shipped to Haiti. Golden K members raised $2,800 to purchase the ingredients, which was presented to Chris and Tiffany Schmidt, who manage the Alexandria branch of Harvest Pack.

Harvest Pack’s goal is to “bring nutritious food to those in need around the world.” More information is available at:

Alexandria Golden K Kiwanis club, like Kiwanis clubs throughout the world, is dedicated to “Serving the children of the world” and meets in Alexandria every Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the Alexandria Senior Center.

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