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Ankeny works to help clients live ‘a more content, confident and generous life’

The mission of Thrivent Financial is to help Christians be wise with their money so they can live generously. Helping people reach that goal is Dane Ankeny, FIC, RICP, CLTC, financial consultant with Thrivent Financial.

Lindsey Sweep, office manager, and Dane Ankeny, financial consultant. at Thrivent Financial in Glenwood. Their office is located at 12 6th Ave. NW, Suite 102 in Glenwood. Photo by Jim Palmer

“No matter where you are on this lifelong journey, we can guide you one step at a time so you can live a more content, confident and generous life,” said Ankeny, who has an office in Glenwood.

Thrivent offers a variety of planning/investment tools and insurance products regarding life and health insurance to help people in many stages of life.

“We help folks with a wide range of circumstances,” he said. “It might be someone getting done with school and starting to get a good footing. It might be folks in the middle stages of their work career to make sure they stay on the right path, or if they haven’t started anything yet to help them plan and achieve their goals. Or it might be someone looking for goals, like planning for a successful retirement, more education, buying a business, buying properties or other financial goals.”

Planning and preparation generally moves to the forefront as individuals and couples inch closer to retirement.

“We do a lot of planning for those within 10 years of retirement. Some come in earlier, and some come in later, but everyone is in a different situation,” he said. “We put together a list of assets that they have accumulated and come up with an efficient plan for them. It is very important to help those assets grow, but there is special knowledge regarding flipping the switch so those assets you are accumulating can turn into income when you retire. We want to make sure Uncle Sam gets only his fair share so more of your money goes where you want it to go.”

Ankeny also works with his clients on legacy planning.

“I like to make sure that any assets that you may not spend go to where you want them to go when you’re gone,” he said. “We work to keep assets organized so your wishes for those assets have a better chance of coming true. Being organized can help make certain that you establish your legacy exactly like you want.”

When a new client comes through his door, Ankeny works hard to get to know the situation so the proper game plan is formed. Sometimes is takes only a visit or two, and other times it may take several visits a year. Ankeny wants to customize a working relationship that is right for the situation.

Dane Ankeny, financial consultant, Thrivent Financial. Contributed photo

“We get an understanding of what they have going on. We personalize a plan. Some only have a couple things they want to accomplish, and others have a lot of balls in the air, so we need to work more often and more in depth,” he said. “I can give people a menu to choose from, and I have suggestions on a way to go, but my clients are always the captain of their own ship. I just help be a navigator.”

And like any good navigator, Ankeny can help clients find the right path and then help them stay on that path.

“I like to help people align their actions with their intentions,” he said. “If you feel hesitant about getting a start, that can keep you from getting where you want to go.”

And the first step in selecting the right path is education.

“I wish someone would have talked to me when I started my career,” he said. “After I got a job and got my first paycheck and paid my bills, I decided what I wanted to do was buy an electric guitar. And I did. Not that I didn’t enjoy playing that guitar, and I still do, but how many of those guitars could I have purchased if I would have just saved a little more? I encourage people starting out to work with someone you trust and then get some advice financially. You can’t expect to know everything when you just get started in life. I would also say, the earlier you start investing the better. Some people wait too long to get out of debt before they start to save. Sometimes if you wait for the perfect financial situation before you start saving, you may never start.”

A great financial plan with successful investments is only part of the overall plan. Thrivent is also there to protect those investments against the unexpected.

“I’m very passionate about that type of planning because it is often overlooked,” said Ankeny. “There is no bigger thing that can destroy a financial plan like unexpected sickness, disability or death without protection. And it is hard to fix once the damage is done.”

Thrivent offers a variety of life insurance, as well as health insurance, disability, and long-term care insurance.

“Medicare is currently going through some changes in Minnesota,” he said. “If people need help translating the recent changes, and how that can affect them, I can definitely help.”

Ankeny has been a financial consultant with Thrivent for about seven years and he feels very fortunate to find a company like Thrivent.

“I was starting a young family and was working nights, weekends and holidays,” said Ankeny. “I was looking for a career change, and I wanted something that lined up with my educational background and something more flexible for our schedule. While I was looking for a new career, I got a call from someone at Thrivent.”

After learning more about Thrivent, Ankeny knew it was the right fit. “The lights were flashing,” he said. “It felt like someone was telling me to move ahead.”

He was immediately drawn to its mission and what the company stood for.

“They are faith based and not for profit,” he said. “It is a Christian organization [which] helps people be wise with their money and be generous in their community. They help their members become stronger and that makes families stronger which helps communities grow stronger.”

The current Glenwood Waterama Brass includes Dane Ankeny (left) – commodore; Jeff Panitzke (right) – admiral; and Sara Stadtherr (driving car) – vice commodore. Ankeny enjoys helping and supporting nonprofit organizations like Glenwood Waterama. Photo by Tim Douglass, Pope County Tribune.

Their mission was a perfect match for Ankeny.

“I’m big on my family and community,” he said. “I enjoy volunteering, coaching, being involved in community organizations, churches and festivals in the community. They all really struck true to me, both personally and professionally.”

Ankeny is the current commodore for Glenwood Waterama, is the assistant wrestling coach at Minnewaska Area Schools and is active on the Glenwood Rotary Club, among other groups.

Dane and his wife, Beth, have three children, and they live in Glenwood.

“We like to stay busy in the community and school with volunteer activities. Our family likes to stay involved in sports and other activities. We enjoy our beautiful lake community and the many recreational activities that we have in the Glenwood area.”

Ankeny’s Thrivent office is located at 12 6th Ave. NW, Suite 102, in Glenwood. To make an appointment or to learn more about the services of Thrivent, stop by, email, or call 320-634-5361.

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