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January 2024 Photo Gallery

Sue Taylor of Hitterdal, Minn. shared this frosty photo that she had taken one early morning in December.

The only difference between men and boys are the price of their toys. Carmelita Stafford from Ogilvie, Minn. shared this photo of her husband, Richard, who is riding a 1954 Moline G diesel taken at Rock Creek, Minn.

Al Batt of Hartland, Minn. shared these Eastern Bluebirds that reminded him of the song “Somewhere over the rainbow.”

Gloria Sovell of Ivanhoe, Minn. shared this photo that Joynn Lavin took of a beautiful sunset over Silver Lake in St. Anthony, Minn.

Marcia Thompson of Shakopee, Minn. shared this photo of a mother and her children trying to ride their bikes one snowy winter in Minn.

Jack Frost paid a visit early morning in December 2023. Photo captured by Gail Kloos in Donnelly.

John Pieffer of New Ulm shared this photo of some leaves scattered in snow.

Carolyn Enstad of Walnut Grove shared this beautiful sunset harvest on the prairie.

Charlie Ruckheim photographed this snowy beauty at the outlet of Twin Lake in Ottertail County near Parkers Prairie.

“Single file line! Okay, that’s better.” Jeff Staves watched these 16 turkeys walking in a line through the snow in his front yard in Brainerd, Minn.

Bonnie Franzen of Brainerd, Minn. shared this photo of her time visiting Grand Rapids, Minn. Bonnie and her daughter, LeAnn, noticed this unique sunrise radiating red and orange that only lasted a few minutes.

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