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Medicare simplified

MN Medicare Advisors helps seniors enroll in the Part D plan that is right for them

This time of year, seniors are inundated with information on Medicare Part D and prescription drug plans. How does a person know what plan is right for them? Why is it so confusing? Many people don’t know where to start.

Christy Namvar, Medicare broker

That’s why Christy Namvar decided to open MN Medicare Advisors earlier this year.

“About 95 percent of people I meet with are overwhelmed and confused when it comes to Medicare,” said Christy, a Medicare broker who has specialized in Medicare health and prescription drug plans for the last nine years. “I enjoy working with clients to sort out all that confusion. I am able to simplify Medicare so people understand it. I talk to people on their own level, which makes things easier on everyone.”

MN Medicare Advisors has locations in both Sartell and Sauk Centre, but Christy takes a it a step further.

“I will meet the client in one of my offices, or I will come meet with them right in their home,” she said. “I serve a large area across central Minnesota.”

Christy encourages those at age 65 or nearing age 65 to contact her to set up an appointment to review the options.

“If you are three months before your 65th birthday, in your birthday month or two months after your birthday month, you can select a plan,” she said.

Since Christy is a broker, she is not tied to any one insurance company.

“My best advice is to always go to a broker,” she said. “A broker can access all the plans in the state instead of just one company’s plans. That way we can find a plan that best fits their needs based on their budget, their health needs and current prescription drug schedule.”

Once a plan is selected, the work is not done.

“I always provide annual reviews for all of my clients,” she said, “When plans change or things change in people’s lives, it is important to make sure the plan is reviewed on a regular basis.”

In addition to helping with the plans, MN Medicare Advisors also helps with claims and reimbursements throughout the year.

“And if you have any questions along the way, I am here for you,” she said. “People are very comfortable talking with me and I’m very knowledgeable of the products available in Minnesota.”

Alyssa Namvar, Christy Namvar and Maggie Stepan at MN Medicare Adivsors. Contributed photo

New this year — Farmers have expanded health plan choices through a new Minnesota Cooperative called 40 Square Cooperative Solutions. The new cooperative was designed to offer self-funded health plan choices that promise greater stability than the individual marketplace and ownership for the members it serves.

“I will be helping farmers enroll in 40 Square,” said Christy. “If you would like to learn more or would like to enroll, give me a call.”

How much does Christy charge for her service?

“Nothing,” she said. “All the services I provide are free. There are never any fees.”

For each person MN Medicare Advisors signs up, they are reimbursed from the companies directly so it doesn’t matter if you purchase from the insurance companies directly or go through a broker, your premiums will be exactly the same.

Christy’s team also include Maggie Stepan, agent, and Alyssa Namvar, customer service.

“After we meet and select a plan, you will feel much more confident about Medicare and won’t have to worry about it anymore,” said Christy.

To learn more about MN Medicare Advisors or to make an appointment, call 877-227-0773. MN Medicare Advisors are located at 2107 Troop Drive in Sartell, and at 335 Main Street South in Sauk Centre. Their office hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturday by appointment, and their email is

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