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My Perspective: Now is your chance to honor a fallen hero

It was about a year ago that we launched our campaign to debut our two new special sections, “Heroes Remembered” (to honor fallen soldiers) and “Heroes Honored” (to honor veterans).

Soldiers and Korean Augmentation to the United States Army (KATUSA) from all over the Korean peninsula participated in the Expert Infantry Badge test Jun. 15 to Jun. 19 at Camp Casey where Soldiers were pushed physically and mentally in order to see who could earn the coveted award. – Photo credit The U.S. Army

Whenever you start something new, you never really know how people will take to the idea.  I quickly found out that veterans and their families were very much open to the idea. While some organizations and groups pay tribute to veterans and fallen soldiers, none have done it on the size and scale that were proposing. People were on board.

So the idea was sound. But would the businesses and organizations support it with their checkbooks? That was the bigger question. Without that, it wouldn’t happen. And when you start something like this, you are asking them to take a leap of faith because you are selling them an ad in a publication that does not yet exist. You can show them what the cover might look like. And you can tell them what it will look and feel like, but beyond that, they just have to trust you. And I’m happy to say that we had enough businesses trust us to make the first year of these special sections a success.  I would like to thank all the businesses who trusted us and took the leap of faith. We appreciate it.

This brings us to the second year of Heroes Remembered. In the May edition, we will once again honor fallen soldiers. We will again be asking businesses and organizations to support this project in the form of advertisement. And as an added incentive, I will be donating $5 from every ad purchased in the Heroes Honored special section to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Besides businesses and organizations, individuals also have two great ways to honor a loved one and support this project… 1) Soldier Listing ($32/both, $20 for one special section). List the name of your fallen loved one, rank, branch of service, along with your name. 2) Special Tribute ($75). Write a special tribute about your loved one. Limit of 200 words or less. Last year, we had some tremendous dedications and hope to have more of the same this year. If you would like help writing your tribute, just let me know. Tributes can include a brief history of their military service and some personal stories and memories about the person you are honoring/remembering. Be sure to include a photo of your loved one. That always makes an impact.

Last year, we had some great, heartfelt tributes from parents, siblings, children and other family members. These tributes were really nice to include.

If you are not comfortable writing and would like us to help, just call us, and we will help you write something special. Or just jot down some notes and send it to us, and we will take care of the rest. Our phone number is 320-334-3344 and my email is

The special sections will appear in all four editions of the Senior Perspective, which has an estimated readership of about 190,000-195,000. The deadline for submissions for both the Soldier Listing and the Special Tributes is April 8.

There is a form listed below. Send that in with your tribute or soldier listing.

Thanks to all those who have supported this project so far, and to all those who plan to support us this year and in future years.

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