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New Cookbooks Have Arrived!

The next Senior Perspective cookbook is on its way. Volume 11 of the “More Lifelong Favorites” series has been delivered to all area businesses.

This year’s book is our biggest one yet with 192 pages and more than 430 recipes. These recipes are known as the “best of the best.” Some of the recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and others are new ones that were a hit at a recent dinner party, family reunion or church potluck.

Not only are there recipes, but our readers also sent in great photos and great stories for this year’s book. The photos and stories all relate to the joy of cooking and baking, and many of the photos show how generations come together in the kitchen, how traditions are formed and how legendary recipes are born. Thanks to all those who sent in photos and recipes.

The books will be distributed to more than 500 locations in Minnesota and a few in North and South Dakota. A listing of all the locations is attached. We have several drivers that will assist us in the distribution of the books, but the process of delivery still took a full week because of the number of books and the number of locations. The territory has also increased this year, with distribution sites in more than a dozen new counties. Overall, our book will be sold in 37 counties in the three states.

This year’s book has a new binding. Those who have a copy of last year’s book know that we sort of outgrew the current binding. The new binding is called “perfect binding” and it will be more durable and more appealing. We hope you like the new binding.

Putting together a book this size is a big job. And it took a team of people to produce it, from selling ads to making ads to typing in recipes to laying out the pages to proofing the books to delivering the books (and a lot of little jobs in between). The  most help came from Jen Bergerson, Bud Prescott, Deb Schneider, Todd Manske, Jill Gustafson, Helen Hoverud, Warren Vadnais, Carrie Vadnais, Bernie Farnam, Cathy Nelson, Chuck Sterling, Suzanne Thorson, Stephanie Jans, Dwaine Palmer and Dennis Jones, so an extra thank you goes out to them.

Also, a special thank you goes out to all the businesses supporting the book through advertisements and those businesses selling the books this fall. We really appreciate it. These ads help pay for the printing of the book and also allow us sell them for a low price (just $3 each!).

To keep up with the demand for the book, we are ordering more than 28,000 books this year. One would think that those books will be available to purchase all year, but they are not. Typically, 85% of the books are sold out by Christmas…. so if you would like a book, be sure to grab one from one of the locations before they are sold out. And once we get to December, be sure to call ahead to see if the books are still available at the store so you are not disappointed when you get there. If you have trouble finding a book, you can always order directly from our office. For ordering information, see page 3B in the paper. You will have to pay a shipping charge for these purchases (unless you drive to our office) but you will get the book mailed right to your home.  You also have the option of sending the books to friends and relatives throughout the country this way.

If you would like up-to-the-minute updates on cookbook deliveries, check us out on Facebook (search under Senior Perspective). I will update our progress on Facebook each day so you will know when the books make it to your town.

If you make your way to a location and they are already sold out, please call us (320-239-4500) and we can direct you to the closest location with books. Some of the locations will be out in the first week, but we usually can point you in the right direction to find another spot that still carries the books. In the end, everyone who wants a book will get one. Sometimes, it just takes a little extra effort.

I hope you enjoy this year’s cookbook.

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