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November 2022 Photo Gallery

Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Barcelona, Spain. Photo from Dale Dietel, of Waconia.

Gary Gillund found an interesting white squirrel in St. Joseph.

Bountiful apple harvest for Carolyn Enstad of Walnut Grove.

A typical Midwest fall scene in the fields, shared by Kirsta Siems, of Alexandria.

Every fall the fox squirrels pick hundreds of chestnuts off of Sue and Todd Taylor’s tree in Hitterdal, in one night, after sampling for weeks until they are just right.

Landon, the grandson of Rhonda Gran, had a liver transplant in July. He has been quarantined since birth, and sitting in a watermelon bath in a wheat field in Villard was his first time in water. No more drains or feeding tubes.

Roses were still blooming, for Jane Bitzan from Millerville, in September.

DeVonne Koppenberg, of St. Michael, got together with her friend Janelle Haynes, who contemplated why she choose this block to remove during their game of Jenga.

Fire out the hole. Gail Kloos had a good size fire going in Donnelly this summer.

Barb Hjelle said these two deer were eating Thanksgiving dinner out of the bird bath together.

Sunset overlooking a slew near Ghent, on Oct. 10, while Kandice Vandendriessche delivered meals to the farmers.

They are gone now, but Larry Kiewel can look back at his best humming bird picture ever, and warm up a little, in St. Peter.

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