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Lakeside Press specializes in book printing and publishing

The Lakeside Press family. From left, Linda Lopez (graphic designer), Tim Peterson (pressman), Avery Peterson (Tim and Laura’s daughter), Laura Peterson (general manager/graphic artist/marketing analyst), Mark Peterson (editor/production manager) and Marie Peterson (editor/customer service). Photo by Scott Thoma

A lot of people aspire to become an author. But it’s the fear of the unknown that holds them back once they put their idea down on paper.

Lakeside Press, of Willmar, is a full-service commercial printer specializing in book printing and publishing. They have been printing books for over 40 years, and this family-owned business strives to make the process of getting your book in print stress-free.

Patricia Buschette, of Renville, was searching for a company to publish her current first book, Locked up in Frost, and checked out Lakeside Press and was immediately impressed.

“I came into their offices knowing little or nothing about the publication process despite the fact that I had discussed the book with other publishers,” she said. “They made no overoptimistic promises, but were interested in my story. We have worked together since that time and have made suggestions that will improve the book. They work as a team, and Mark, Laura, and Marie, each have specific ideas.”

Mark and Marie Peterson have many years of publishing experience between them, and with their son Tim and daughter-in-law Laura, have owned Lakeside Press on North Highway 71 since 2013. Tim is the pressman at Lakeside, while Laura is general manager, graphic artist and marketing analyst. Another employee, Linda Lopez, is a graphic designer.

“We take a lot of pride in our work,” said Mark. “Satisfying our customers is our top priority.”

Several authors that have utilized the commitment to excellence that Lakeside Press offers have had several books published with them, an indication of their satisfaction with the job that was done as well as the cost.

“My new book will be my third book printed by them,” said Don Orth, of Olivia. “They make me feel welcome and appreciated. I chose Lakeside Press because of their flexibility and willingness to help, and they appreciate our business.”

Some of the concerns an author might have are how much it will cost, how to get the book edited, how to come up with an enticing cover, and how to sell the book once it’s printed.

“Our job is to make you look good on paper,” said Laura. “We have the equipment for printing and binding the book in-house so we are able to control cost and quality throughout the entire production process. Besides printing and binding your book, we can also help with other services.”

Pressman Tim Peterson loads pages into the printing press at Lakeside Press. Photo by Scott Thoma

Lakeside Press offers three options to getting a book published: royalty publishing, self-publishing with help, and straight self-publishing. And they offer very competitive prices.

“Lakeside Press was very friendly and was up front on prices for printing,” said Pastor Dennis Gray, of Argyle. “One thing impressed me was the lower costs for reprinting the book.”

And the work done on the book, including editing, printing, designing and binding, never leaves Lakeside Press until completion. That makes it much easier if the author has any changes or questions throughout the process.

“If we decide to publish your book as a royalty, we do the editing and designing for you,” said Mark Peterson. “If you choose to self-publish, we offer our services to the author for anything they want help with. Or, if they choose, they can make all the decisions and find their own editor and design their own cover. Whatever route they choose, we are here to help.”

Graphic designer Linda Lopez at work at her desk. Photo by Scott Thoma

Lakeside’s publishing services include editorial, cover design, copyright registration, ISBN/bar code, e-book creation, book printing, author’s website and marketing materials.

If your dream is to become a published author and you want to own all rights to your book then the fast-growing world of self-publishing might be right for you.

But some authors who take the self-publishing route have no intention of selling their book or turning their project into a business venture. The book they have printed might be written for relatives as a keepsake or a historical look into a family history.

“We see a lot of people writing books about family history or poetry or something else that they want to give away as gifts to remember them by,” said Mark. “We can print any amount of books you want to fit your budget. Need one book? We can do it. Need 25 books? We can do it. Need thousands of books? We can do that, too. You don’t have to be obligated to print a bunch of books at one time.”

A writer might choose to self-publish with the hope of turning their creative effort into a profit.

“Whatever the intention you have for your book,” said Laura, “we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process of producing a high-quality, visually stimulating product.”

Lakeside Press has published all types of books over the years. Those include novels, historical, poetry, short stories, children’s, business, educational, self-help, church directories, church anniversary, how-to, manuals, workbooks, biographies, memoirs, cookbooks, crafts, hobbies, family history, religious and more.

“All of our customized self-publishing services are a la carte,” said Laura. “An author can choose only what they need.”

The book covers designed by Lakeside Press are created with a purpose.

Some of the cover designs done by Lakeside Press. Photo by Scott Thoma

“A cover can really sell a book,” said Mark. “Laura does a great job in making sure the cover stands out while also reflecting the book itself.”

Buschette has been very pleased with the work done on all aspects of her book.

“Not only does the staff at Lakeside Press understand what readers will buy, but I am amazed at the creativity of their design proposals for the book cover and business cards,” Buschette noted. “The design proposals are unique and have far exceeded my expectations. I do not say that very often.”

Lakeside can also assist you with any commercial or personal printing needs, such as vinyl banners, brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, forms, newsletters, envelopes, bulk mailing and more.

For your next or upcoming project, Lakeside Press would be happy to discuss it with you either by stopping into their business, calling 320-235-5849 or toll free 1-800-371-5849 or emailing

For more information, visit the Lakeside Press website at or see them on Facebook.

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