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Things I Have Learned—The Gift of Grey Hair

By Bill D. Ward

Today’s Wisdom: Grey hair is a crown of splendor. It is attained by a righteous life. King Solomon

I was recently just sitting down to watch our online church service. As I was doing so, I noticed a flash of color passing by on the road in front our house. I looked out and saw a young lady in a jogging suit passing by, ponytail bobbing and legs pumping.

This gal was fairly young, and obviously in good shape, given the speed she was moving and the toned body she was displaying. She also looked totally out of place, because I live in a retirement community much of each year. No one who lives there looks like that.

Waiting for the church service to start, my mind pondered at what I had just seen. She was lucky. She had a good body, good heart, good lungs and good joints. She could do what none of the residents here could do. She had energy, she had gumption, and given the mere fact that she was in our community, she obviously had family to visit.

Then the service started and the pastor began talking about the gift of grey hair. Grey hair? A gift? He put my mind into a whole different perspective. I had none of the attributes of the young lady, but I certainly had grey hair.

She had a future, but I have a past. She had potential but I have accomplishment. She had dreams but I have pride. She had knowledge, but I have wisdom. She had blond hair, but mine is grey.

I began to wonder which of us is the most blessed. Would I trade places with her if that was possible? Maybe, but I don’t feel a need to. I don’t feel the need because I am content with what I have. My life has been blessed with all the things that make life good. I hope one day she can say that, too.

One of the things I have learned is that coveting what we don’t have is useless. Celebrating what we do have with thanksgiving is what makes life good, regardless of our individual circumstances. I have lived a long, good life. And I view that as a gift. I choose to celebrate, grey hair and all. I’m just sayin’.

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