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‘We’re here to solve a problem’

Driven by a strong reputation, GSM adds location in Hutchinson

If certain parts of your home aren’t as warm as others, or if you are concerned about the quality of the air inside your home, chances are good that Gag Sheet Metal of Hutchinson can determine and fix the problems for you, while saving you money in the long run.

Pete Stoltenow, service technician, (left), and Tim Burley, sales manager, (right) at GAG Sheet Metal, Inc. in Hutchinson. Contributed photo

Pete Stoltenow, service technician, (left), and Tim Burley, sales manager, (right) at GAG Sheet Metal, Inc. in Hutchinson. Contributed photo

“We’re here to solve a problem, not to sell you something you don’t need,” said Tim Burley, the manager of Gag Sheet Metal in Hutchinson.

Gag Sheet Metal has facilities in New Ulm, Gibbon and Hutchinson. The facility in Hutchinson is relatively new to the area, having been placed into service just last June.

“Having the facilities all within a certain number miles of each other makes it easier for us to get to the customers without having to travel, lowering their service costs and allowing us to service more customers quicker,” Burley explained. “That way, we can get someone to solve their problem sooner. No one wants to wait around for a service technician to come to their home.”

Approximately 65 percent of homes have heating systems based on improper heating or cooling loads, or improperly installed duct work, causing homes to heat or cool differently from room to room.

“We really pay attention to detail,” said Burley. “And since indoor air is nearly five times dirtier than the air outside, we are trained Bryant Healthy Air Specialists and can offer a wide range of solutions to lower your exposure to viruses, mold, pet dander and many other potential health risks.”

The result is an evenly distributed, temperature-controlled home that also has a healthier indoor living environment.

Burley and Pete Stoltenow, who is the service technician at GSM in Hutchinson, take a lot of pride in their work.

“We don’t want someone being taken advantage of,” Burley said. “I know a lot of elderly people have been taken advantage of when someone comes into their home and tells them they need this and that to fix a problem.

“And it’s not always that they need a new furnace or a new air conditioner. It might be something less expensive, yet more efficient, such as a ductless mini-split that can heat and cool areas that are frequently not in balance with the rest of the house. The elderly have become a target for individuals looking to make a dollar off someone who may be more vulnerable. I want those people to know that they can trust us to make them feel more comfortable.”

One recent customer of GSM was tired of the rooms in their home having a drastic temperature difference. So they had GSM come to their home to see what the problem was.

Pete Stoltenow, putting in ductless home system. Contributed photo

Pete Stoltenow, putting in ductless home system. Contributed photo

“We found the problem was the way the ducts were constructed and an addition to the home changed the dynamics of how the heating and cooling were distributed throughout the home,” Burley said. “Instead of installing all new duct work, a new furnace, and air conditioner, we installed ductless mini-splits and zoned parts of the home. After we finished the customer’s heating bill was $75 less per month than it was before.”

That savings will eventually pay for the cost of the repair work while offering them additional money in their pocket in the years to follow.

Because of GSM’s outstanding reputation, many realtors are relying on them to inspect homes before they are put up for sale to ensure that everything is running efficiently.

GSM has been serving southern Minnesota for over 100 years and can service your heating, ventilation, cooling and roofing needs throughout a five-state area that includes Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.

GSM of Hutchinson is located at 85 1st Avenue NW. For more information, call 320-587-5886 or email


New Ulm hero: ‘I wanted to help’

GSM, Bryant treat Steffensmeier to new furnace for her special act of kindness

When Bryant Heating and Cooling introduced their new Bryant Heroes Program, little did they know the furnaces they were giving away throughout the Midwest could be installed in the homes of some of the most wonderful unsung heroes in our communities.

The definition of a hero these dayas has become a bit blurred, but Gag Sheet Metal went to work and found a winner who definitely fit the program’s definition of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” This year’s winner, New Ulm’s Stefanie Steffensmeier, is a true representative of the word “hero.” When the Gag Sheet Metal team found out the winner, the reason Stephanie was selected impressed us all, said Tim Burley, sales director at Gag Sheet Metal. “I served in the Army and saw many men and women do incredible things for people. I would salute Stefanie just as I would a Medal of Honor winner for what she did to save another person’s life,” said Burley.

Stefanie Steffensmeier with her new Bryant furnace installed by GSM. Contributed photo

Stefanie Steffensmeier with her new Bryant furnace installed by GSM. Contributed photo

Here is Stefanie’s story… A few years ago, Stefanie donated her kidney to a young boy named Sam. She had never met Sam, nor had she met most of his family. She knew Sam’s father through work, but beause they worked in different departments they really didn’t know one another. Sam was facing a lifetime of dialysis. Her mom was supposed to be the donor, but complications made that impossible. Sam’s family put a request for donors on Facebook as a last hope.

“I wanted to help,” said Stephanie. “If my family were in the same situation, I would hope that someone would try and help us.”

She made a phone call to find out what she needed to do to be a donor She talked to her family, and they were very supportive and were with her to help her through the process. After a few trips to the University of Minnesota and many tests, she found out she could be Sam’s donor.

“It felt like I was the lucky one who got chosen to be Sam’s donor because our families have become so close. We’ve gained many more family members since the donation,” said Stefanie. My thanks to Gag Sheet Metal and Bryant for the furnace. It was totally unexpected and very much appreciated.”

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