‘We take the stress out of moving’

Packing up your belongings and moving to a new location can be one of the most mentally and physically exhausting times in a person’s life.

Lance Cruckson (left) and Jord Turner (right) of All Mighty Movers carefully move a piece of furniture from a home during a recent move. Photo by Scott Thoma

All Mighty Movers, of Hutchinson, can take that burden away and allow you to relax and enjoy your new home or apartment.

“Our motto is ‘We take the stress out of moving,’” said Wade Rolf, the owner of All Mighty Movers. “We want the people to sit back and let us do what we know how to do.”

Rolf realized there was a need for a moving company in the area and decided to fill the need. The company has grown and become more popular because of the people they have already helped move.

“We were buying a home in Hutchinson, and we thought we would move ourselves,” said Don and Marge Lee. “But then we soon realized we needed help with the heavy things.

“Our realtor recommended Wade to us, and we were very pleased at the carefulness of the young men that work for him. They told us a time they would be there, and they showed up right on time. And the price was right for us. We were just very pleased all around. We have nothing but good things to say about them.”

Rolf has worked in the furniture business for 30 years and has developed a taste for quality furniture.

“My guys know that I’m a furniture fanatic,” said Rolf. “So I tell them to treat the customer like you’re moving things for me. The way we pick up furniture for a customer is the way we drop it off. I have the best crew. We have great chemistry and work together well so things just flow smoothly.”

All Mighty Movers provides its own equipment and treats your furniture and appliances with kid gloves.

“We had kind of a complicated situation with the closing of our house and (All Mighty Movers) loaded all our things on their truck and stored it until the closing became finalized,” said Gary and Diane Lietzau. “The closing went through the next morning, and the movers were here right away to unload the things at our new place.”

The All Mighty Movers crew uses shrink wrap, padding and straps to keep a customer’s items safe and secure during the move.

Jord Turner of All Mighty Movers shrinkwraps a piece of furniture during a recent move. All Mighty Movers takes extra precautions not to damage furniture and personal belongings during each move. Photo by Scott Thoma

“They were heavy into shrink wrap and blanketed things to make sure nothing got damaged or scratched,” said Gary Lietzau. “They were very friendly and very helpful. They did a professional job, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. My sister used (All Mighty Movers) a few times and recommended them to us, and we’re glad she did.”

One of the amenities provided by Rolf and his personnel is to arrange the customer’s furniture and appliances in their new dwelling if they choose.

“We won’t leave anyone’s home until they are satisfied,” Rolf said. “If we arrange their furniture the way they tell us to, and then they don’t like it, we will rearrange until it’s just how they like it.”

Because of his experience and skills at displaying and arranging furniture from his years working in a furniture store, Rolf offers his services to customers in need of designing a room in their new home.

“I get a lot of pleasure in helping others,” said Rolf. “I know most people hate moving, but I enjoy helping them during this stressful time.”

Rolf meets with a customer prior to the move to find out what the customer’s needs are and what type of furniture All Mighty Movers will be responsible for moving to a new location.

“I had a couple of quotes from other moving companies, but (All Mighty Movers) was the most reasonable,” said Lisa O’Hara. “Their professionalism was on target, and they went above and beyond the call of duty for me.”

Wade Rolf, owner of All Mighty Movers, at his desk. “The day of the move is the most stressful for the customer so we try to elimiate as much of that stress as we can for them,” said Rolf. Photos by Scott Thoma

And going above the call of duty to make sure a customer is satisfied is exactly what Rolf had in mind when he envisioned building a successful business.

“The day of the move is the most stressful for the customer, so we try to eliminate as much of that stress as we can for them,” said Rolf. “When we unload at the new location, we will help them set up the bed, attach mirrors and even hook up electrical equipment if the customer requests it. We offer to do as much to do, or as little to do as they want.”

Some customers may only want the furniture loaded and unloaded. Others may request furniture moved to another room.

“We can do almost any type of moving they request,” said Rolf. “An elderly lady called one time and asked if we could move her dining room furniture to another room. No job is too big or too small.”

All Might Movers will pick up and deliver anywhere in the state and also gives free estimates.

“My goal is to keep the business personable and as if I am moving my own furniture and appliances,” said Rolf. “I’m not necessarily trying to be the biggest moving company, but I want it to be the best.”

For more information, call All Mighty Movers at 320-296-6803 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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