Just a Kid at Heart: Take a stab at embarrassment

August 1, 2019
What in the world was I thinking? I should have known my older sister would do anything she could to ruin my vacation. When I was very young, Karen pulled me aside and clearly announced that I was her little ...

July Reader Photo Gallery

July 1, 2019

Catching, sharing fish memorabilia

September 1, 2018
Little Falls fishing museum is a man’s dream, fulfilled Al Baert, of Sartell, once had a dream of becoming a really big time collector of fishing memorabilia.  He never could have known that his dream would turn into something much ...

History, function of Morrison Co. dams

October 1, 2017
On warm summer evenings in Morrison County people are often drawn to the Mississippi River and its dams. 
Early stages of the dam construction on the east side of the bridge in Little Falls in 1887. Photo compliments of the

Thanking veterans with a unique fishing experience

May 1, 2017
‘Veterans on the Water’ established by Vietnam vet Steve Gillaspie, 68, of Arlington, is a decorated U.S. Army Ranger Vietnam combat veteran.
Veterans on the Water founder Steve Gillapsie, of Arlington, shows some of the many photos of fishing trips

Sixty years of family, fish

September 1, 2016
Seventy two years ago, John and Hattie Bothof started a tradition by getting their six children and their families together on Memorial Day. They all went to Lake Shetek by Slayton, Minn., fishing for the day. “They usually went in ...

Reeling in good health

August 1, 2016
LGF seeing first hand the benefits of a boat ride
Smiles are common on Let’s Go Fishing boats. The non-profit organization has helped thousands of people get out on the water over the last 14 years Contributed photo
Studies have ...

Things I have Learned: Fishing pole shortage?

April 30, 2014
Today’s wisdom: If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles. I have been a passionate fisherman all my life. My father had me out in the boat as soon as I ...