Boomer’s Journal: A better home and garden

August 1, 2019
Gardening and the word “hobby” were not synonymous in my world when I grew up on the farm. I don’t think it was in mother’s world either. Oh, she wanted a beautiful garden alright, and I think she might have ...

Vicky’s garden party

August 1, 2019
Morris woman celebrates friendships, raises money at annual garden party People who lovingly tend to gardens also tend to have a loving heart. You can find this in the beauty they create, the way they share the bounty grown there, ...

A garden honoring a special mom

June 1, 2019
Researchers continue to find a link between nature and healing. The outdoors is said to bring relief to a variety of symptoms, reduce stress and improve a person’s overall sense of well-being and hopefulness. Patricia Buschette, of Renville, had this ...

Horseradish ‘party’ in Prinsburg

November 1, 2018
A horseradish party. Sounds unbelievable and just a bit out of the ordinary! But for Sandra and Roger Molenaar, of rural Prinsburg, it’s an annual event.
Sandra and her husband, Roger, enjoy the horseradish on just about everything they eat.

In Your Garden: Garden Invaders

June 27, 2013
There are some plants that just love your garden.  So much so that they want every bit of it.  Quite often, it will be a plant that another, hopefully, unwitting gardener, has passed on. “Pass on plants” are great, but ...

In Your Garden: Sad Trees

May 1, 2013
People either love weeping trees or they hate them.  Bunkey sees them as deformed, although, he does have a weeping willow down by his lake. That is a natural tree, not an ‘engineered one’ is his rationale. There are several ...

Country Gardens: Get a jump start on your garden

April 1, 2013
Tulips will soon be popping up throughout Minnesota… once the snow melts.
Now is the time to start thinking of getting that garden back into shape for planting. Maintaining a beautiful garden at the height of the growing season can ...

In Your Garden: Spring Tents

March 1, 2013
The early bird won’t get this worm. The Eastern tent caterpillar has already defoliated your fruit trees by the time worm eating birds show up in our yards. The hairy, little stinkers hatch, defoliate your apple tree, molt five times ...

In Your Garden: Smart Conifers

March 1, 2013
Winter is tough on trees.  The ground freezes so they can’t get a drink, and the winds zip around drying up what little moisture there is.  Also, snow can be heavy.  That’s why deciduous trees shed their leaves.  We have ...

In Your Garden: How to use sage in your kitchen

January 6, 2013
Herbs are a very important part of any garden, and sage is one of the oldest we have in America.
Sage is a member of the mint family and native to the northern Mediterranean shores. It is essential for Italian ...