Nonprofits partner to form Partnership+

April 1, 2019
Nelson Wellness Center and YMCA align wellness programming in Alexandria
Participants enjoying a yoga class at the Alexandria Area YMCA. Contributed photo
Physical exercise provides many health benefits. It’s proven to lower the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, some ...

A natural approach to weight loss

April 1, 2019
It’s not often that friends agree on the best way to lose weight, but these three doctors are all passionate about the Activate Metabolics program which they utilize in their respective clinics to help patients have a happier and healthier ...

Is laughter truly the best medicine?

January 8, 2013
Finally something fun is good for us. A few minutes a day of deep belly laughs can reduce stress, help keep our lungs healthy, burn calories, brighten our mood, reduce pain, and provide increased efficiency of our internal organs.  Studies ...