An escape to America, and a much better life

October 1, 2018
Can you imagine as a young girl running for your life and hiding in cellars hoping the soldiers wouldn’t find you? That’s what happened to a woman in this area, who only agreed to tell her story if she could ...

Coming to America

September 1, 2018
German singer who performed in New Ulm decides to move to the area a few years later
Angela Jahr liked the area so much when she
performed at Heritagefest in New Ulm, she and
her husband moved to the area

Family connections linked back together

July 1, 2018
Connecting the dots on a family’s immigration story This is a story of connections that span an ocean. In Norway there’s Simon Bjørklund and in America there’s his third cousin, Sara Torvik, an Underwood native now living in Maryland. Last ...