Preserving the historic bond with Norway

July 1, 2019
As time fades away, history has a tendency to fade along with it.
Laural Dikken wears her bunad at the Nordlandslag Stevne banquet in Granite Falls. A bunad is customarily worn in Norway for certain celebrations, such as weddings and

A mail-order dream house

March 1, 2019
Berger Jergenson’s dream was to own a big white house on a hill. In the 1880s, this young Norwegian caught the “fever” to move to America, land of opportunity, telling everyone that he would leave the homeland, buy a farm ...

Family connections linked back together

July 1, 2018
Connecting the dots on a family’s immigration story This is a story of connections that span an ocean. In Norway there’s Simon Bjørklund and in America there’s his third cousin, Sara Torvik, an Underwood native now living in Maryland. Last ...