A majestic leap (and a bounce)

June 1, 2019
Photographer captures day-old ducklings taking their first flights
These ducklings wait their turn before jumping (and bouncing) to the ground below. Photo by Steve Maanum
If you have a desire to photograph wildlife, even if it’s just a hobby, you ...

Simple tips to take better photographs

June 1, 2019
If you want to take better pictures, follow these tips, which will provide immediate dividends:
Photo by Bill Vossler
1. Plan Ahead. When your granddaughter is baptized, where will you stand? Or where will you pose your brothers and sisters ...

A new focus on life

October 1, 2018
After Judy Regan’s death in 2014, Bruce Regan, of St. Cloud, grieved deeply for his wife of 57 years. So much so that he stayed at home and didn’t do much else.
Bruce at the Grand Canyon, one of the

Amazing Grace

October 1, 2018
Photograph still inspires 100 years after creation
Eric Enstrom. Contributed photo
We see it everywhere—in  homes, museums, official buildings, restaurants, churches, billboards, advertisements, and the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. It has been spotted in Europe, Afghanistan and Costa Rica. ...