Catching, sharing fish memorabilia

September 1, 2018
Little Falls fishing museum is a man’s dream, fulfilled Al Baert, of Sartell, once had a dream of becoming a really big time collector of fishing memorabilia.  He never could have known that his dream would turn into something much ...

Medicare help, offered free of charge

September 1, 2018
Many senior citizens admit that getting a grasp on the new changes in store for Medicare is confusing and frustrating. But Medicare Insurance Advisors, of Sartell, can ease that stress by explaining all the upcoming changes and the various options ...

A lifelong arrowhead hunt

June 1, 2016
Sartell man has grand collection of arrowheads, artifacts
Mike Trekell holds a case with a variety of arrowheads and knives that are worth thousands of dollars and are presently being sold at auction. Note the largest one, a ceremonial blade.

Saluting the mill

February 1, 2016
Ken Schulte, of Sartell, grew up across the street from the Verso paper mill before a large fire that resulted from a 2012 explosion killed one and injured four others at the mill.
Painting of Verso paper mill commissioned to ...