A coach, a player and a special bond

April 1, 2019
Sixty two years after playing on the first Walnut Grove basketball team to advance to the state tournament, a player and his coach are good friends and keep in touch on a regular basis. “We see each other several times ...

Big man on campus

December 1, 2018
Nearly three-quarters of a century ago, a young man from a small school walked through the doors at Cooke Hall on the University of Minnesota campus and looked out at an enormous gymnasium filled with people. That young man, now ...

A Friday night tradition in Hutch

November 1, 2018
Rostbergs have led football team since 1970 The last time someone not named Rostberg was coaching high school football at Hutchinson, Neil Armstrong was taking a step on the moon.
Andy Rostberg and his dad, Grady Rostberg, prior to the