Regaining important connections

May 1, 2019
Speech therapy, provided by Knute Nelson Home Care, can greatly improve one’s quality of life    Eighteen years ago, Dave Willard was an adult farm management instructor. He helped farmers with their business plans and marketing. He had quite a few ...

Stroke turns mom’s life upside down

December 1, 2018
Life for Melissa Hansen of New London is a bit different today than just a year ago. A year ago, a brain bleed stroke stole so much of her life. Melissa said she was super busy getting ready for her ...

Losing dad, one memory at a time

May 31, 2013
Lynda Olander Converse says laughter is an important part of dealing with difficult times. She has had her share, including the diagnosis and death of her husband, Merle, from Alzheimer’s disease.
    Receiving a serious diagnosis of any kind can set ...