Fifty years of camping

July 1, 2019
We have met some great people over the years’ There’s something about enjoying the outdoors and visiting with good friends while sitting around a roaring bonfire.
Gary and Kathy Krsiean, of Hutchinson, have been married for 57 years and

Life is a Daring Adventure: Living life full speed ahead

June 1, 2019
Fargo woman spent 26 days in Antarctica, was first female in N.D. accepted into veterinary school Joann Colville, of Fargo, North Dakota, always wanted to be a farmer. Not a farmer’s wife, but an actual farmer. Instead, she became the ...

Wedding trip, retraced

October 1, 2018
Sisters take same train ride mom took to marry their dad 75 years ago  It was 75 years ago when Lavonne Olson graduated from Windom High School in 1943 and rode a train out to California at the age of ...

A new focus on life

October 1, 2018
After Judy Regan’s death in 2014, Bruce Regan, of St. Cloud, grieved deeply for his wife of 57 years. So much so that he stayed at home and didn’t do much else.
Bruce at the Grand Canyon, one of the

A Blonde’s Perspective: My taste of the Big Apple

October 1, 2018
Our snow bird friends are beginning to talk about heading south for the winter. It seems like they just came back! But every year they go south earlier and come back later. We have not yet become snow birds, and ...

Offering ‘unforgettable’ adventures

September 1, 2018
‘We are passionate about what we do’ at Landmark Tours Looking for an adventure? Want to see the country? See the world? Landmark Tours offers unique tours from coast to coast and around the globe. Each tour is tailored to ...

Offering ‘unforgettable’ adventures

July 1, 2018
The Landmark Tours team includes (front L to R), Amber Munson, Brennan Mogck, Dallas Lemmers, (back, L to R), Jessica Florac, Mike Lyons, Tara Romanowski, Laura Ludington, Margie Zerbe, and John Lyons. Contributed photo
‘We are passionate about what we ...