My Perspective: A step back in Colonial times

September 1, 2018
This year’s summer vacation took the Palmer family to Williamsburg, Virginia. It was sort of a random vacation destination. We didn’t know anyone who lives in this part of the country, and we had not talked to anyone who had ...

Just canoes and paddles… on ‘vacation?’

August 29, 2013
“You’re going where?  For how long?  Just canoes and paddles?  No motors?  This is your summer vacation?” We wanted to get away.  We wanted a change of pace, to be surrounded by nature’s beauty.   And so the dream began for ...

A child’s summer

June 27, 2013
Children always have time for watermelon, pictured here, as cousins and sisters enjoy their delicious summer treat in 1958.
    This summer I am going to celebrate life with family picnics and eat lots of watermelon. I’m going to clean an ...

A stroll along the river, a step into the past

April 1, 2013
You don’t have to walk the River Walk. Wheelchairs and scooters can be spotted throughout the area as city officials have worked hard to make the area accessible to everyone.
Exploring beautiful, historic San Antonio Taking a flight of steps ...