Legacy Hearing Centers opens in Alex

July 1, 2019
Have you heard? There is a new hearing center in Alexandria.
John Christopherson examines the inside of a patient’s ear at Legacy Hearing Centers in Alexandria. Contributed photo
Legacy Hearing Centers, located at 507 North Nokomis, opened its doors last ...

Hostile skies

May 1, 2019
Little Falls pilot stayed busy throughout European Theater There were just a handful of pilots who participated in every major airborne assault and supply operation in the European Theater, from D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge to the end ...

Remembering dad’s service… in two wars

May 1, 2019
“We have to remember that in the future we will want to keep before our children what this war (WWII) was really like. It is so easy to forget; and then, for the younger generation, the heroism and the glamour ...

POW endured brutal conditions in WWII

May 1, 2019
While his wife and two small sons were celebrating Christmas Day in the United States, Art Van Moorlehem was imprisoned inside a boxcar in Germany during World War II. Van Moorlehem passed away last July at age 96 in Arlington, ...

My Perspective: Special letters from a class to a veteran

December 1, 2018
Our newspaper reaches a lot of people. And because it reaches so many, there are a lot of interesting connections that are made. I know of at least two weddings that have happened because of Sr. Perspective, and there are ...

Surviving Vietnam, then PTSD

January 1, 2017
Dale Johansen was a carefree Underwood farm boy when he joined the Army in 1963, but he changed after a tour of duty in Vietnam. A short temper, jumpy nature and hyper vigilance continue to be some of the traits ...

Accident in 1986 changed everything for Avon veteran

March 1, 2013
    On Sept. 11, 1986, a 23-year-old Bob Braun was in basic training in Fort Benning, Ga., when his life was changed forever. He was riding in the back of a 2 ton truck when it suddenly overturned.
Bob ended up ...

Milaca vet at right time, right place

November 2, 2012
    There are not many of us who can claim having a hands-on role in the recovery of the astronauts from the famed Apollo 13, a moon mission that failed in an attempt to be the third manned landing.
You might ...