My Perspective: Special letters from a class to a veteran

December 1, 2018
Our newspaper reaches a lot of people. And because it reaches so many, there are a lot of interesting connections that are made. I know of at least two weddings that have happened because of Sr. Perspective, and there are ...

Surviving Vietnam, then PTSD

January 1, 2017
Dale Johansen was a carefree Underwood farm boy when he joined the Army in 1963, but he changed after a tour of duty in Vietnam. A short temper, jumpy nature and hyper vigilance continue to be some of the traits ...

Accident in 1986 changed everything for Avon veteran

March 1, 2013
    On Sept. 11, 1986, a 23-year-old Bob Braun was in basic training in Fort Benning, Ga., when his life was changed forever. He was riding in the back of a 2 ton truck when it suddenly overturned.
Bob ended up ...

Milaca vet at right time, right place

November 2, 2012
    There are not many of us who can claim having a hands-on role in the recovery of the astronauts from the famed Apollo 13, a moon mission that failed in an attempt to be the third manned landing.
You might ...