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Is your business trying to find the 45+ crowd?

The Senior Perspective is the best way to find them

and direct them to your business.

Why Advertise in the Senior Perspective?

High Readership = High Traffic

What do we have that others do not? Pure numbers and a faithful bunch of readers. Our readership has grown each year since Senior Perspective was formed in 1993. Today, we have an estimated readership of 174,000 and our paper is picked up at more than 3,200 locations. And that number increases every month as more people discover our publication. The high readership translates directly to high response and high traffic to the advertisements.

“Bang for your Buck”

The rates for advertising in the Senior Perspective are affordable. We have been often told by businesses that our ads give them the best “bang for their buck.” Try this – take our rates and our readership numbers and compare them with any other publication. Then you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Reaching the perfect niche

The average age of our readers is about 60 years old with more than 70% of our readers falling in the 45-75 age range. Most of our readers read the newspaper cover to cover. And it is a loyal group. Many will go out of their way to support the businesses that support the Senior Perspective.

Click on the Ad Rate sheet image for a larger view.



Traditional business ads. Our readers are patrons of the advertisers in the paper. Many say they read cover to cover.



For when you want to make a big impact. A writer will come to you, interview you about your business, and write an engaging story with pictures, that turns out as a page and a half in the paper. A great way to give your business a boost.



A longer and more informative ad where you can let customers know about a specific problem your company can help with. You write, we edit, you approve.



Got a good story idea? We would love to hear about it. Most of our stories start out as ideas from readers. Other questions or comments about the paper can be sent here too.

Thanks for contacting us!

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