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‘A prayer answered’

Couple finds love in our personal ads

A personal ad placed in the March 2011 Sr. Perspective publication by Carol Nelson, of Hutchinson, was the start of a romantic relationship that led to her marriage to Darrel Borchardt, of Winthrop, on July 9, 2011.

“He got the newspaper, had it for a week and was going to throw it out but decided to read it,” Carol said. “He called about the middle of March and we talked every day for hours. Darrel was curious what kind of reception he would get, and I was surprised that he called. I got a few other calls, but they didn’t sound like someone who I would like to meet. When Darrel called he sounded like he wasn’t expecting me to call him back. He was very caring and had a kind, sexy voice.

We asked each other questions about our families and our conversations just went on from there,” she said.


Their first date was on March 27, 2011, at McCormicks in Hutchinson. But she wasn’t alone. She brought her mom, her sister, her brother, and her brother’s girlfriend, to keep an eye on Darrel, just in case he was not a good guy.

“We had no connection before we met, but after talking, found that I knew some cousins of his and my uncle knew his uncles,” Carol said. “We had so many things in common, so Darrel called me, and we decided it was the right thing to do. Being alone is a lonely life and we wanted to share our lives with each other.” Carol and Darrel each have four children from previous marriages. Carol’s children are Kathy, Terry, Annette and Randy. The names of Darrel’s children are Kelly, Kristi, Korey and Kevin.

“My daughter Annette was upset because she thought we were rushing into marriage too fast. She lives in the state of Virginia and didn’t meet Darrel. The beginning of June we flew out there, and they got to meet. All was well after that,” Carol said.

They got married four months after she placed the ad. They were wed at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Gaylord on July 9, 2011. “Our relatives were okay with us getting married because we fit into each other’s family so well,” she said.

They both have interests in crafts and go to craft shows to sell their wood products. “We spend time in Tennessee with his two children and my nephew. We feel that God has answered our prayers and meant that we should be together. A blessing and a prayer answered,” she said.

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