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April 2023 Photo Gallery

Ruth Klossner of LaFayette, Minn., thought her friend’s red house stood out against the frost-covered trees, showing how lovely the cold winter days in Minnesota can be.

This cedar waxwing found a tasty lunch, chomping down on a berry. Photo sent in by Rosie Hartwig-Benson of sent Litchfield

Grandson, Tate William Anderson, and his dog Angus, working together to mow the gravel. Submitted by Joyce Blair Anderson, of Starbuck.

Diann Hirman sent in this photo of a duck peering over the snow in Sauk Centre. The duck might be thinking “Hmmm, what's For lunch?”

Geraldine Bergs of rural Winthrop has a cat named Lucky. When Geraldine flosses her teeth, Lucky also wants his teeth flossed. This photo shows how Lucky enjoys getting his teeth flossed.

Jerry Wynn Farm in Alexandria shows the beauty of winter hoarfrost. This photo was taken in the winter of 2021.

This Christmas cactus bloomed a little late this year, in March. Shared by Kat Becker, of Tintah.

This windy day would have been brutal to remove the snow with a standard snow blower. Luckily they had an enclosed skidloader to handle the job after one of the storms in late February. Photo sent in by Gail Kloos, of Donnelly.

Lone boot on a rock. A picture worth a thousand words. Shared by Dan Markells from Marshall.

Chip the chipmunk and his deer friend the deer gathered to have a bite to eat in Jeff Staves's driveway. They are enjoying the springtime in Brainerd.

This female cardinal flared her crest feathers at the perfect moment on a sunny winter day. She stands out wonderfully against the snowy background. Photo captured by Ava VanderBeek of Eden Valley.

Gail Bjorge of Elk River, Minn., spotted this cute little beetle perched on a green leaf. Perhaps it was trying to blend in with the red flower behind it.

Mexican poppies were in full bloom at an Arizona State Park, when Carolyn Enstad, of Walnut Grove, visited. The flowers really showcase the beauty of spring.

Megan Anderson’s neighbor’s dog, Parkay, was looking for doggy books at a bookstore in Fergus Falls this March.

David Goddard spotted this rare Leucistic Blue Jay grabbing dinner on his bird feeder in Crow Wing County this winter.

Jan Arends of Wabasso found a few pops of white flowers by the deep browns of old farming equipment.

You can almost feel the crisp air piercing through the trees on a frost morning in Sleepy Eye Minn. Sent in by Muriel Coulter of Tracy Minn.

A few fun horses, found near White Earth, by Bonnie Sayers.

Arnie Borchert captured this vibrant Sauk Rapids (Minn.,) sunrise. showcasing some beautiful colors over the long winter.

Kristie Flachmeyer enjoyed a lovely stroll through the gardens at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska last spring. She particularly enjoyed this serene koi pond.

Grace Burns of Wood Lake captured the sun peeking through the trees on a foggy morning.

Jodi Prchal’s 4th-grade students enjoyed helping make cookies for the nursing home in Montgomery last year.

Larry Kiewel of St. Peter went to Nebraska for the crane migration this March. On his trip, he was able to capture this small group dancing.

Sue Taylor of Hitterdal, Minn., sent in this photo of a very snowy squirrel from last winter. Reminding us that even the critters have to deal with problematic snowfalls.

How many guys does it take to change a light bulb? From the Daze & Knights Festival in St. Michael, last August. Photo by DeVonne Koppenberg of Rockford.

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