Ask the Expert: What is needlepoint bipolar ionization technology?

Answers by Josh Lustila, Residential Sales, Ellingson Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Electrical, Alexandria

What is needlepoint bipolar ionization technology?

Regarding indoor air quality (IAQ), you’ve likely heard of filtration, air purifiers and cleaners, HEPA, and humidification and dehumidification. These solutions can help improve the quality of air based on your situation. You may have recently heard the term ionization popping up, specifically needlepoint bipolar ionization technology or NPBI®.

Home and business owners are becoming increasingly interested in technology that provides cleaner, safer air. The air around us can contain particulates like dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke, odors, and even pathogens, including mold, viruses, and bacteria. Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) developed the NPBI technology to clean the air by introducing ions into the space through the airflow in your home’s heating and cooling system.

GPS unit installed in a residential furnace. Contributed photo

How does it work?

The ions target particles by dispersing throughout the space combining with particles floating in the air. The particles cluster together, making them easier to capture in your air filter.

The technology tackles odors by breaking down chemical, pet, cooking, and other odors into harmless compounds, leaving indoor air smelling fresher.

When the ions contact pathogens during the NBPI process, they disrupt the pathogens’ surface proteins, rendering them inactive.

GPS’ ionization products are entirely safe for humans and animals and certified as ozone-free.

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Ellingsons service technicians have installed over 300 NBPI units in residential homes, long-term care facilities, restaurants, office buildings, and eye clinics.

If you have concerns about the air quality in your home, contact our professionals to discuss options. Visit or call 800-595-8645.

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