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August 2020 Photo Gallery

This night picture of the Otter Tail River was taken by 9 year old Saona Sieg. Shared by grandparents Two Buck Tom and Carol Erickson.
This robin was putting out the do not disturb vibes during his bird bath. Sent in by Theresa Grangruth, of Menahga.
From the great blue heron rookery in Rockport, TX, last winter. The herons were busy choosing mates and building nests. Sue Taylor, of Hitterdal, was hoping to still be there when the young started to arrive. It was a breath taking sight for her to see the hundreds of great blue herons at the tops of live oaks trees.
Pink and white lady’s slippers were found by Grant Mehring, while out and about on a walk north of Fargo.
Cindy Hamm, of Menahga, shares a sunset over Twin Lakes.
Megan Anderson found some ducks chilling by the Page House in Fergus Falls.
Kevin Lofgren caught kung fu kitty showing off for a friend in Wadena.
Jeff Fischer said it was a a beautiful morning to start a wonderful day of fishing on Lake Winnie when he took this picture.
Dianne Hughes sent us this picture of three hens having some afternoon chit-chat, taken in Vadnais Heights by her son Jack Hughes.
In Nashua, eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies aren’t a common sight for Gloria Stargel, but she wanted to share this one.
Blue jay just after taking off from Deborah Hilton Hanson’s deck in Glenwood, after snacktime.
Tori Litke, granddaughter of Terry and Carol Litke, ready for a Christmas program at church in Dawson.
If nothing else, at least it was a good year for hollyhocks at the Glen Jorgenson home, in Clarkfield.
In Glencoe, Kristie Flachmeyer enjoyed these classics at the roll-in car show.
Ardell Engwall, of Willmar, wanted to share the sight of her one year old grandson, William, surrounded by these puppies that were born on May 21.
The summertime beauty of Carolyn Enstad’s hollyhocks is especially evident up close, in Walnut Grove.
While Terri Sanoski was out on Fish Trap Lake, this dragonfly hopped on for a ride.
Laundry in 2020. Photo by DeVonne Koppenberg, of St. Cloud.
A uniquely shaped elm tree on a farm property line south of Arlington found by Rich Nagel.
Marilyn Johnson, of Wheaton, was lucky to watch hummingbirds through the whole process from egg to chicks while she was in Yuma, Arizona during late 2018.
Marilyn Sandquist took pictures from the dock as boaters watched the fireworks while enjoying the moonlight on the Fourth of July over Lake Francis, in Elysian.

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