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August 2022 Photo Gallery

How high do you think we’ll go? Rosie Hartwig-Benson found a Baltimore oriole swinging in her yard in Meeker County.

Loren and Charleen Engelmann, of Plato, love this photo of their two grand-pets. Good buddies, Skarlett the cat (8 years old) and Copper the dog (12 years old), look out the patio door at squirrels, rabbits, birds or other neighborhood pets. Skarlett was raised by Copper after being adopted, so Skarlett has some dog-instincts and loves being outside on her leash hunting for mice.

Looks like Molly and Spike didn’t get their morning coffee before going for a walk in St. Michael. Photo by DeVonne Koppenberg.

Where there’s a will, there is a way. Dorothy Loch has an ingenious squirrel at her bird feeder in Buffalo.

From the creative mind of John Pfeiffer – who works at a movie theater in New Ulm – comes Mr. Popcorn.

Be considerate, not everyone is ready to remove their mask. Shared by Virgina Soley in Waconia.

Leaving his parents’ place on Blue Lake, Michael French of Zimmerman, noticed two fawns watching him from the side of the road.

Max on the dock at sunset, captured by Kendall at her grandparents’ cabin on Big Kandiyohi Lake. Photo shared by Brad Schmoll.

June brought along some storm damage after windy weather near Westbrook. Photo by Carolyn Enstad.

Dennis Sulflow took this shot of a cinnamon teal duck, in June, at Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge near Great Falls, Montana.

It is the time of year for monarchs on flowers like this one found in Princeton during 2019. Photo by Toni Benjamin, of Benson.

Summer fire by the lake in Donnelly. Shared by Gail Kloos.

Sharla Bengtson, of Wood Lake, tells us that the J & J Barn was built in 1939.

In Fergus Falls, Megan Anderson found some beautiful flowers that she sent in to share.

Kevin Lofgren caught his cats, Snoop and Kirby, wrestling in Wadena. The cats insisted they were just playing.

If you hear a robin with a sore throat, Al Batt, of Hartland, says it might be a scarlet tanager.

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